Seventh Day Adventist Prophetess Ellen White vindicated by her prophecy of 9-11-2001. Because her motto was, “The Bible and the Bible only” her words were not to be used by ministers from the pulpit. However another author wrote when translating The second angel of Revelation 8:8 “If you can image, this is comparable to a Third World army invading Washington [D.C.] and setting fire to the Pentagon and White House.” Now we have an added voice! It was Jesus Christ himself, who gave His Testimony, His prophecy, to be written down by His disciple John the beloved in 95 A.D. The prophecy of this prophet and prophetess point back to the Bible and Revelation 8:8,9. The question remains, if the “chosen people” who claim they are the remnant of the Jewish Messiah, Christians who keep Sabbath, will deny the Testimony of Jesus Christ about 9-11-2001 in Revelation?