I Saw A Mircle Today When A Gambler Didn’t Get Angry While Tying to Make Somone Happy.

He had gambled for money once upon a time. If he made a mistake or didn’t win he blamed himself, and that brought on anger at himself. His battle to be perfect and out think each play, distracted him and others from the fun of the game.

His emotions like a kaleidoscopic of colors went from anger with himself, to playing a game, where it

Be angry but sin not. Ephesians 4:46
Be angry but sin not. Ephesians 4:46

was O.K., to make someone happy, other than himself. What happened today, when he was bent on making someone else happy, it was like “the anger” of fighting with himself, went away!  So noticeable it was, night and day, from black to colors, radiating from his face, like a happy man!

Could it be the Holy Spirit let him see, making someone else happy, had given him freedom, from the war within himself?

And what has this to do with Psalms 83? What does this have to do with war and peace? “The battle belongs to the Lord!”

When the “battle with our self” ends, joy sends shocking waves through life, heart, outlook! And sends this “light” we have never known, that bounces back from God’s Throne.  Baffled from his somber, cranky mood, to freedom to move, and be happy, was so shocking, it was if the world was spinning upside down?

Could it be this “Wrath of God,” is pouring out His Holy Spirit, comes to others as we allow them to stop being slaves to themselves, by letting someone else win. . .

Here’s the clinker: He didn’t lose, He didn’t try to win. Instead He won. . .but it was like “work” for him, with an agenda, to make someone else happy….he couldn’t lose! He Won! He won the battle, of trying to win!  But in not trying, and instead trying to make us happy, He did something, we saw in him, freedom from TRYING SO HARD, to WIN!

How can we explain this to him? He knows something is going on inside his brain, he has freedom to speak, to be a friend, and he has stepped out into a whole new world. . .and we don’t know him?  lol But we like this new guy….whose not arguing with himself.

Does this make sense to any of you?