Dear Ben Carson this is a medical question, emphasis on THE QUESTION.

I saw a sign recruiting an assistant to help with The Sunshine Learning Center in town. I’m a senior who loves children and my grandchildren are in New York. . .so it seemed like a good idea to either volunteer or getting paid a bit was ok. But I needed proof of test for T.B. and quick wellness exam. I am one of those who thinks, I want to be “self-insured,” and pay for my own medical plan as I see fit.

The first bill I received had "codes" but not a description of charges. Medicare 100-10 was billed as my Insurance Company.
The first bill I received had “codes” but not a description of charges. Medicare 100-10 was billed as my Insurance Company.

I expected to pay about $85.00 for a work, medical exam. But the charges add up to almost $500.00 and I found out I had the destruction of three PREMALIGNANT LESIONS, to my shock! I has asked the physician to check two warts, she gave them two squirts from spray can. I am wondering if I should be concerned if these two “premalignant lesions” should take me back to this hospital for I would not want to have cancer left untreated.  You see what I called warts, did not go away, maybe they have come back?

PRN Home Health Agency and Norton Country Health Dept 001

As you can see, they did the TB test, for $15.00, but advised me it would be wise to get the other vaccines, and “usually Medicare pays for these.” I don’t usually get those “shots” when they come by for free. Bu this new Prevar 13, was recommend for me, being older and all. So you see the bill really got run up, and surprised me!

I figure: T.B. Test and the rest at $248.00 the precancerous lesions and work exam at 491.70 = $729.70

I worked my first day at the SUNSHINE LEARNING CENTER, it was frightening going back to work, after being retired since about 2003. I couldn’t sleep that night because I was worried there I might not be the right person to help baby sit a room of 1-2 years olds.  I came in a sat down and they crawled up on my lap, I think they day went well. Except about 3 p.m. when I was about to leave, two kids had a temperature of 102. I am worried about their mother, who works there, and brings her three kids, because it doesn’t pay much, I think I might make $30.00 on my check for the day, and this mom, can’t work and take care of her kids.

If I save up the paychecks, on this part time job, once a week, $30.00 X 52 will give me $1560.00 for the year. If I had to live without social security, and pay these bills, 1560.00 – 729.70 = $830.30/year

But it may be worth it, to work cause I’m stubborn enough to be “self-insured.” And those little faces, and needing a lap to sit on, are worth it for me.

P.S. I want to thank you for coming to Denver, I appreciated you signing your book ONE NATION . . .and do think we’re going to need some God intervention, to help some folks like me, from five generations of Homesteaders, who are getting wiser about the life of a farmer. . .everyday when do the bills.

I did volunteer to be your prayer warrior and I told your wife, those folks turned down my contribution to your campaign. I guess there’s no reason to pay God to help you…He’d do it without a fee!

My training a LLU, School of Dental Hygiene, 1964, never trained me for this day!

But if you can do something about the core belief, and desire for man’s inhumanity to man, by pride, greed and using others to line their pocket, I all for Freedom and Liberty to die, defending my right, to pay my own way, and know what I’m paying for!



Author Connie Ordelheide Anderson, THE RED HORSE at your service and your Prayer Warrior 24/7!

I do carry the evidence of the premalignant disease, with me. I call them WARTS, but what do I know? I come from long line of farmers.

“But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.” (I John 2:27)

I had a pretty domineering husband who told me to go buy, every Ellen G. White book at our first Camp meeting at Soquel, California. With the Commentaries on the Bible, the total cost was $200.00 back then around 1967. That’s been the best investment he made, for the money! At first he said, “She took the time to write them, I can take the time to read them.”  My dad thought that kid had great potential to be a preacher. And if he did, my dad wanted to hear what he had to say. Never know when God will Show Up and give than man a voice to speak his piece.

lol  If this weren’t true it really would be funny! Being “Corny Cousin Connie, from down on the farm, ain’t changed much!” Bill, my cousin, farmer – lay preacher, put a hand on my shoulder the other day at the Beaver Bar, and said, “I’m confident Connie, that I can trust you to behave.”  When you have a cousin with hand the size of the man, who lays that kind of stuff on your shoulders, it’s make a one, want to really think twice, about him, having “confidence” that I would do the right thing…Makes one think, that small towns should not go extinct!

Could be we have an extra zuccini if you come to town later this year. Or we do have a few kernels of corn on the cob, that you could help shuck, for the spring planting. If the motel is full of hunters, you can stay at my house. You’re welcome, but I’m no good at making coffee or cooking meat, and that’s not good!  When that farmer-lay pastor speaks for the Cattlemens Association for Corn Fed Beef he sorts cringes when you mention, “vegetarian.” You do know, we send our corn beef to over 120 nations, we do have a reputation to keep up and doing the best we can with what we have! Just farmers, with reputation in Nebraska, for higher education and good old home town values! Course we all try to help the Chamber of Commerce, Lions, and we look pretty good at the County Fair with 4H, from lop eared rabbits to steers and kids leading pigs with a stick. I could go on, but we’re mostly sold out of houses and rentals already.