Next Blood Moon, October 8, 2014. Tonight ends the last month and begins the Year of Jubilee!

bloodmoon on April 16, 2014October 4, is the yearly Day of Atonement. THE DAY when Jesus Our High Priest, enters the Most Holy, to end, the discovery, of sins, that remain against God, on the Books of Heaven. If the sins have been forgiven, because they have been confessed, as sins against God, the pages that were scarlet, are now white as snow. No sins can been seen by God. They are forgiven by the Blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ.  By October 8, the World will have chosen to follow God, or their own ideas of who, what, when, where and how, we came to be living on this planet. For what purpose were we created, to glorify ourselves, or Our Creator God? This is the question, that arises with the moon turning red, who do we worship? Men, women, children, idols, prostitutes or God? God says, “Have no other gods before me.” Man has freedom to choose, just as the Children of Israel, in Egypt, could place the blood of a lamb, on their doorpost and live, and regain THEIR FREEDOM, and move out of slavery to Pharaoh!

In Bible Prophecy, the Sun of Righteousness is Jesus, partly obscured by darkness, or the devil, the life of Jesus is being used as a blood sacrifice by some, instead of being “obedient” to the Holy Spirit, false priests and teachers,  use Jesus, as the sacrifice or SCAPEGOAT for sins against God. This system of God giving warnings about crucifying Jesus, instead of coming into obedience to His Government, is associated with corruption in the leadership, priests, ministers “who forgive sins,” and allow Jesus to be crucified again. This day, every human must make their own choice to obey or lose eternal life in Christ/God/Heaven.

The sin of the Jews, was that they said, “Let his death, his blood, be upon the heads of our children and their children.” Their prayer was answered in the Holocaust. There was no one like the “son of God,” among the Jewish people, thrown into the fiery furnaces of Auschwitz. However Daniel and His three Hebrew friends, captives of King of Babylon, had a angel who kept the Lion from eating Daniel, and “one like the Son of God,” walked, with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the fiery furnace, when the king, asked them to bow down to “his image” on the plains of Duran in Babylon, they preferred death rather than bow down to worship the King of Babylon.

Jew and Gentiles are warned against even “thinking” to change the “times and and laws of God.” They are called “antichrist,” because their sin of thinking or coveting to  destroy the Kingdom of Truth,  set up by Jesus,  is treason against His Kingdom of Truth. Treason against the Government of God is punishable by death. You know the rules, you know the cost of breaking the rules. No eternal life. Lucifer and his angels are doomed to eternal death, therefore they are angry, therefore they seek TO DESTROY to the utmost! There destruction is a promise God will keep. He has authority to create and He can destroy.

This is why, to some, the “Blood Moon” is a warning against treason against God, and bowing down to a “government of man.” It would be a reason for a United States born Citizen to “not take a mark, in his right hand or forehead,” that would signify allegiance to man 666 over God 777. The devil runs and hates to hear, “I’m saved by the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ is my Saviour!” It is a reminder, his treason against the Son of God, and God’s Government has come to an end! Lucifer lost his kingdom the day he helped man to crucify Jesus Christ, Babylon fell!

Soon the question, of “Who to worship” man 666 or God 777 will be challenged again! It is said at least 144,000 will not bow down to man, and choose to die, rather than give their thinking over to a man. This is the ultimate test of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom conscience, a free gift of God, that requires us to determine how much we appreciate the FREEDOM, under God to be obedient to His Kingdom.

The signs in the Sun of Righteousness, means we are saved by the blood of the Lamb, the sign in the moon, is to reflect the purity of truth and love for FREEDOM, purchased by the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ to the Christians, and to those who followed Michael the Archangel in the wilderness, they know this angel, who created Adam and Eve, by the name of Michael is Michael reincarnated as Jesus Christ, the Jew.

Who cannot love the man/God, who died for you? All He wants is for you to appreciate His sacrifice and show Him dignity and respect!
Obedience is better than asking God to re-crucify His Son, Jesus also known as Michael the Archangel in Daniel 12:1, who comes to protect and save to the utmost, all who place their lives in the hands of the God of Daniel. Michael is the Chief of the Princes of God. Christians know him as the angel who led the Children out of Egypt into the wilderness, to teach them to obey the Laws and Prophets.

Noah preached for 120 years, but only 8 people entered the Ark. But for a year the door was closed to Noah’s Ark, as the world was engulfed with a flood that covered the mountain tops. The next purification of the earth, will be fiery molten ball of lava, like our sun.  However, this will not happen, until everyone has made a decision to embrace FREEDOM, within the boundaries of God’s love to all mankind, who He embraces with open arms.

Freedom of Choice, Freedom of Speech, Freedom to live eternally with freedom to be in government, that does not allow us to bear false witness about God or His Kingdom, does not allow to steal the pavement, does not allow us to bow down to other gods, does not allow us to even think of changing the time and laws of God, is perfectly clear, that a society given freedom to obey God, will find rest to their souls, in His Holy Spirit, because He is trust worthy. The Book, written, tested, proven and proved true, is an ancient mystery, to Gentiles and Jews. Worthy to be understood by those who use their childlike way of asking and trusting in God, a father, a mother a sister and brother they cannot see. He is love all wrapped up in giving, forgiving and loving like a man who loves His wife, willing to sacrifice all to prove His faithfulness to God and man.

The Bride is the one, made perfect in suffering, like Jesus did. She is willing to die defending Her Bridegroom, Jesus Christ.

September 27, 2014 is the first night to view the Crescent Moon, the end of the 49 years to the Jews, the beginning of the Year of Jubilee, the HOPE of every Jew and Gentile, to see Daniel 12:1-2 fulfilled with Cresent moon and star120px-Taj_Mahal_finial-1the dead coming alive from the graves from Adam and Eve, to our day, saved by the Blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ, A King, A Prophet, Our GOD, a Jew. The King of the Jews is Jesus Christ!

Most fitting for the beginning of the Year of Jubilee is New Moon, the final on top of the Taj Mahal, the greatest monument to a Bride that man has every created. The Bridegroom Jesus Christ adorns His Bride His Church, like a man with money, He places his jewels, his people, into the mansions He has created for them, for being loyal to Him.

blue taj mahal 180px-TajMahalbyAmalMongiaTaj_08Taj at dusk, 240px-Taj_Mahal_in_India

If the Tag Mahal is the gift of man to his Bride, what kind of mansion would Jesus make you His Bride, His Church?  Does He know the colors you like? The Gem stones He would love to give to His Bride?  Can we reflect His love, His patience, and His kindness like Jesus did to all mankind?

Can I behold the beauty in the earth, in mankind, and know His love is perfect for me? Who can compare with a man like Jesus who made us in the image of God?