Babylon is real, so is Daniel and the Lion
Babylon is real, so is Daniel and the Lion

Daniel a real man, who lived in a real beautiful city named Babylon.  Men and Women talked with God and became known as the prophets.

Who would know back then when the world began, that a created being, could bring terrorism into the World?

And God the Creator, knew what would happen when men got proud, and tried to compel other man to do what they wanted

The men would rebel, if they were forced to obey another man, without having freedom to choose to work or not to work, play or not to play, win or not win. He knew when He created a robot that could live forever, the robot might take over, and try to take over the universe, because it could fix itself.

And here we have the beginning of world, starting in the Middle East, growing by finding a way to go over the lumps and bumps on the maps we call mountains, rivers, oceans, until we find ourselves, right back, learning how to get along with each other. Only this is a test, and we each get to take the test, and ask ourselves, “How important is Freedom of Speech and  Freedom of Conscience, with liberty to obey or not obey, the God in Charge, who created us in the first place, with heart of flesh!

If a man would listen to the still small voice of God, he would have to ask himself, will I obey or not obey? Maybe today, maybe tomorrow, and death, to our sorrow, end the game. And it is  lame excuse, to not now the rules of the GAME OF LIFE, cause winner get a cruise to the sky, to have eternal life, without weeds, pain, sorry an bills. . .And no wonder the devil wants to make our life miserable, He is really angry!  God will forgive us, and we forgive him, for creating us to live in real REALITY GAME OF LIFE!

God will forgive us, but the devil won’t be permitted back into Heaven, for undermining GODS GOVERNMENT!

And in the great city built on sand, the devil designed a palace, and city, where He would rule the world, giving men idols, to bow down to, and pay a man to RULE THEM!  Life was so simple, as men in fear, decided to build a tower so high, no flood would come near, their dear life.