144,000 Disciples of Jesus Christ a Jew, does that include you?

Judas was replaced so the Apostles remained the number 12.  12 X 12 =144 X 1000 = 144000 Disciples, of Jesus a Jew.  Has He called you?
Judas was replaced so the Apostles remained the number 12. 12 X 12 =144 X 1000 = 144000 Disciples, of Jesus a Jew.
Has He called you?

  “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:”  (Matthew 28:19).

Being honest, telling the truth, defending the truth, includes the sorrow, knowing Jesus was God, knowing He could not die, He would fulfill all the prophecies, give 3.5 years of life to teaching truth, develop a following of twelve Disciples, some of which were women, like Cleopas and Mary. Then Jesus sent out 70 disciples two by two. He is sending out disciples today.

The first Christians were Jews, being persecuted by Jews. Later they became known as “Christ” followers, Christians. Then the “organized” church, baptized the Pagan Roman Army, and overnight the universal church  became the Holy Roman Empire. 1/2 Pagan, 1/2 Jewish/Christian, with Jewish roots, that take us back to the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve Created by God.

What would be the requirement today, for those wishing Jesus Christ to be the Head of His Church, and feeling called to be among the 144,000?

a)  Worship of The Creator, perhaps leading to rest from sundown on Friday night to sundown on Saturday night?

b)  The Bible and the Bible Only: as your source of strength and knowledge.

c)  Unity among those who have the Gift of Prophecy, the sign of the remnant church.

d) Trusting the Ten Commandments to be the boundaries of Gods Kingdom in Heaven, set there for our own good and well being.

e) Trusting in the Holy Spirit for daily guidance.

f) humility in knowing the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ, purchased your salvation, and in no way would you want to “sin” so He would have to be sacrificed again?

Can we describe candidates to this 144,000 Priesthood of Believers, who would have no problem, with these standards, as the early church, the Disciples of Jesus??? both male, female and youth?

What I want to know is Are You on His Side, Jesus the Jew, who died to give you the Gift of FREEDOM?

Please add your name to this List, if you feel called to be included in the 144,000? authorconnieanderson@yahoo.com I’d like to get to know you. I think we have something in common, we share in the sorrow, suffering and persecution that follows the Kingdom of Truth.

I read those who are in the 144,000 know who they are. . .God has revealed to you, signs, visions, dreams, that He has contacted you thru your angel. There is a sense these are willing to die rather than loose their liberty and freedom found in Jesus Christ.

1.Connie Anderson, Dugan Wisdom,