Dying Thief Accepts Christ as His Saviour

“And he said unto Jesus, Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom.” Luke 23:42

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To the last of His work Christ is a sin-pardoner. At deepest midnight, as the Star of Bethlehem was about to sink into oblivion, lo there shines amid the moral darkness with distinct brightness the faith of a dying sinner as he lays hold upon a dying Saviour.

Such faith may be represented by the eleventh hour laborers who receive as much reward as do those who have labored for many hours. The thief asked in faith, in penitence, in contriton. He asked in earnestness, as if he fully realized, that Jesus could save him if He would. And the hope in his voice was mingled with anguish as he realized, that if He did not, he would be lost, eternally lost. He cast his helpless, dying soul and body on Jesus Christ.

He had heard Pilate declare, “I find no fault in him.” John 19:4 He had marked His godlike bering, and His pitying forgiveness of His tormentors. . . .Among the passers-by he hears many defending Jesus. He hears them repeat His words, and tell of His works. The conviction comes. . . to him that this is the Christ. When condemned for his crime, the thief had become hopeless and despairing; but but strange, tender thoughts now spring up. He calls to mind all he has heard of Jesus. . . . He has heard the words of those who believed in Jesus and followed Him weeping. . . .The Holy Spirit illuminates his mind, and little by little the chain of evidence is joined together. In Jesus, bruised, mocked, and hanging upon the cross, he sees the Lamb of God, that taketh away the sin of the world. Hope is mingled with anguish in his voice as the helpless, dying soul casts himself upon a dying Saviour. . . .Quickly the answer came. Soft and melodious the tone, full of love, compassion, and power in the words: Verily I say unto thee today, Thou shall be with Me in Paradise. . . .To the penitent thief came the perfect peace of acceptance with God.

YOU TUBE: THE HIDDEN BOOK OF EZRA, reads like Revelation, and its going to get worse.

I like the way Ezra and God talked with each other. I like the questions the angel asked Ezra, about how to weigh “fire” and how to weigh “wind.” and how we don’t know much when it comes to the nature of GOD and HIS MIND as OUR CREATOR.

It’s worth the time for those philosophers to answer those questions that GOD and HIS ANGELS pose to mankind.

The Apocrypha was not put in every Bible. There were some stories that lead the believers into witch craft with “Incantations” to remove a “curse” kind of thing. The witches brew is part of witchcraft. It can’t save you or give you Salvation, like the blood of the Lamb does.

Who I am Part IV

New Romanian Orthodox Church in Bucharest 2020

When I arrived home after giving a two week series of Evangelistic speeches in the little church in Perisoru, Romania, my life had changed.

The Romanian Orthodox Priest will not permit you to own a Bible, study a Bible or translate the Bible. If you do they will not do your funeral or the funeral of your friend. You will go to hell.

The first reaction to me translating the way C. Mervyn Maxwell translated Revelation 8:8 using a very familiar translation of “waters” found in Revelation 17: 15 as a SEA OF HUMANITY shocked me.

The first question I was asked by a minister was, “Who gave you the authority to write this book?”

Can you image my shock, to even THINK a MINISTER would doubt my motives in translating the Bible for myself? For my own personal interest, based on the children drawing picture of the event we now as 9-11-2001. Based on two prophecies, a reliable man and woman coming up with same picture of an event in NEW YORK where something like an asteroid on fire, is thrown into a sea, and BLOCKBUSTER MOVIES have mistranslated Revelation 8:8 to MAKE GOD AN EVIL GOD, wanting to DESTROY SINNERS, rather than give them the FREE GIFT OF SALVATION?

If we do not UNDERSTAND the SOURCE OF OUR SALVATION, we make God out to be zealous to destroys us instead of zealous to save us.

The rebellion of man to man, and wanting the other to change to fit their way…and wanting us to worship them….instead of OUR CREATOR brings us back to the forced labor the Jews had in Egypt.

JESUS IS NOT SOMEONE ANYONE CAN HATE. But those in “power” who submit to wanting votes over wanting the souls of men to be saved by faith, by grace, by the blood of the Lamb, must first “cruficy” the Lamb.

You can’t begin to see how many people are very much aware of “who” is “trying to manipulate” their “MINDS.”

I hear very often, “I will not take the chip!” I will not take the Mark of the Beast, and I will not bow down to someone and LOSE MY FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

I’ve come a very long way from enabling my husband to silence my voice. I’ve come a very long way from allowing ministers to threatened me and force me into jail for my beliefs. I’ve not been so in need of being counseled by THE WORD, as I have tried to walk the walk, talk the talk, and for some over twelve years, I’ve tried to convince my friends in the church, that THEY HAVE SOMETHING CALLED THE GIFT OF PROPHECY in THEIR CHURCH.

And why is the Prophetess, Prophet and THE PROPHET BEING IGNORNED?

What good can come out of 911?

What good can come as we see a religion that gives the people the right to do as they wish, with self government based on a crowd of people, without justice without investigation.

AND WE KNOW the JUDGMENTS OF GOD, come with a BOOK, a PAGE and OUR NAME, knowing we have confessed our sins to HIM.

And I want this day to end, with me fully aware of the sins I have may have committed in error, but without malice towards anyone, the truth of how GOD commits himself to OPEN THE BOOKS so we may all SEE the MOTIVES OF THOSE WE HAVE JUDGED, may not really be truth.

And I stand ready to be corrected. If I have wounded any soul today, Lord please forgive me. If I have caused ones foot to go astray please forgive me. JUSTICE will SPEAK of the TRAILS BROUGHT ON BY OUR OWN LACK OF imperfection.


I hope this brings us full circle as we see the rebellion of man against the government of man, and how easy it was for Lucifer to create a rebellion against the Government of God.

THIS IS WHERE IT ENDS: With the right of GOD to SAVE TO THE UTMOST all those who LOVE HIM and call upon HIS NAME.


Can we look up to see our Redeemer coming in the sky to save us?


Taken in Norton, Kansas, February 2020 but not looked at until March 2020. I did not know I had this on my camera. Thank You for Listening.

Sincerely, Connie

Who am I Part III

These articles are for the future:

By now you know the desert life, but we had motorcycles, enduro rides, and laughed at how some seemed to use other riders as leverage moving up a challenging hill. I can’t give you name of the “hill” it would not be proper.

You know we owned a plane and learned to fly. Our sons were born there, but the idea of having them in an area where they could grow up and be in an Adventist Academy was important to my husband, who had grown up with parents who were church school teachers.

The move to Oakdale near the Oakdale Golf and Country Club was a natural because my sister and her husband had found a plot of land and built their home that backed up to Hole Six on the golf course.

Our “fixer upper” was a project of needful improvements, and again humor made its way in warning dad not to be in the downstairs bathroom when the toilet was flushed upstairs. The repairs included loosing Dr. Anderson’s watch in the muck required to be cleaned out of the septic system.

The swimming pool din’t seem to be a threat, there was a place for gate on the steps, that could be put in easily. But the fun of painting and forgetting the fog could make it run off in night time, was just among the many “learning curves” in fixing things up.

On my bucket list was to full fill my dad’s desire to go back to India and be a missionary. When the phone call came with an invite from UNcle Ralph and Aunt Violet to come and be a temporary dentist in Singapore it delighted me, to no end.

But, a letter arrived in the mail, and an IRS audit was coming our way from the sale of the house, Dental Office and Corporations. I looked out on the covered swimming pool, to see little Roger look at the temperature gauge and say, “HEY, its warm enough to swim.” I was moving towards the boxes the IRS had requested when I heard a splash in the backyard. I looked up to see my husband doing CPR on little Walter not yet two years old.

I had been making strawberry jam, thinking of IRS, and now the calm became a necessity to kneel down and pray. I could not remember the number to dial for an emergency. But when I opened the book there was 911! I reported the address, and the FireChief was at the Golf Club and picked it up on his radio. I dialed Dr. Foster up the street. Rog had Walter upside down, and the noodles from lunch were falling out on the ground. When I walked down the steps he handed Walter over to me and we knelt down to pray. “Dear Jesus, Thank You for the time we have had with Walter.” Rog said. “And if it be your will be please save Walter.” Little Roger was there with us on the grass, and I turned around to see Walter’s stomach move and I KNEW OUR PRAYERS WERE ANSWERED, but no one but me, saw the answer. My calmness would seriously make people think, I was “not acting normal.”

The ambulance came and Walter was not breathing nor did he have a heart beat. Dr. Foster had come through the gate saying, “Don’t Stop! Don’t Stop!” and he continued CPR, the FIRECHIEF said the medics were coming. Soon they tired to get a pulse or breath, but the ambulance came and we were off to the first of three hospitals fighting for the life of Walter.

The Modesto Hospital greeted us with a new pediatrician, who was a member of our church. Dr. Rasmussen could not figure out why one child would live and another would die. The inhalation therapist was Dan, the pianist at church, what a blessing to move to a town and know NO ONE, and find these messengers of mercy. Walter did begin to breathe, but the pressure on his brain, could cause brain damage and it was decided to send him to the Oaklands Childrens’ Hospital.

That night pastor Gary drove me home. He wondered how I was doing. My response surprised even me. “During the war there were parents separated from the children in the Concentration Camps. I know where my son is and he is in good hands.” I had met Mary when giving Bible Studies and she was baby thrown on a pile of dead bodies when she was born in a Concentration Camp. I could only think of how well she turned out, for all the history in her life, and her love for Bible Study included me giving her all he Bible Studies she could get. Who would think meeting her at this time, would bring me comfort in my trials at the moment.

When Walter got home and made the trip up the steps from the basement rooms, I thought, “Oh what would I do without that smile?” And the reality begane to set in. What a miracle! What a God! What plans he had to have the right people there at the right time when we needed friends we never knew we had.

Walter turned two and was able to swim the length of an Olympic size pool, thanks to the kid down the block who taught swimming. The Channel 3 T.V. News had covered the story with the idea of SPRING and the many water channels and how so many do drown, and the man who followed us, with his pictures of the life jackets on the hooks by the pool, and their toys by the sandbox, also encourage the families to beware of the summer and sports.

We took a trip to cabin and there a woman said, “Is that the little boy on T. V.?” And yes his story made national news.

Walter would become the 911 kid, over and over again. But when he entered Kindergarden their bus stopped at the front of the school and let the children wait until the other class was ended. In front of the school was broken pay phone. When I got the call from the Principal and she mentioned “the phone” I tried hard not to laugh, because I knew what number Walter might try. “I want to say something to you before you came to the office to talk to Walter.” The Principal went on. “You see we didn’t know the pay phone would work. When Walter called the 911 number, they asked, “Who is Speaking?” Walter Anderson. “What is the problem?” “The schools on fire.”

PAUSE: The real reason Walter got called the 911 kid was his phone call. But when his teacher asked to speak to me later, she noticed that Walter was the only child who raised his hand when she asked, “Who was still talking when I asked to you stop talking?” But when she asked the children, “Who used the pay phone?” She saw eleven hands go up. And the point she was making was that, Walter told the truth. And Walter would continue to be that kind of kid, that you never knew just what he was going to say or do, but everyone would be listening!

The TRIP TO TAHOE and skiing no, emergency surgery yes. Dr. Fosters Cabin was a haven to all who needed a place to stay. His generosity was known as was his desire to help others. Roger had a friend along on the trip and outside they were making a snow ramp. I was in the kitchen no realizing their project was to make a descent on the mountain filled with pine trees. When the boys cried out, they had already made this toboggan ride with their legs dragging to slow it down. But when Walter hit the snow, he was going to show those guys, he was THE MAN. When his legs hit the tree they both broke and toboggan became the stretcher to take his body to the road below and to the orthopedic surgeons that gather near the ski slopes.

Fourth grade for Walter was home -schooling with presents and cards from the kids and families at church school. The little two room school teachers were married and their schedule included more homework so television and free time were rare. Their North Dakota background made it necessary for the kids to learn the states and capitals and other facts beyond the books. And there is evidence that smaller schools and hearing the repetitions of the younger kids makes for leaders. Roger on the other hand was really eager to get out of the 4th grade and he didn’t want to hear another RUN SPOT RUN.

The two boys though5 years apart, seemed to be treated like equals in part because Roger was the BIG BROTHER and WALTER seemed to need his parenting skills. The day came when Roger was saying, “NO! NO! Walter don’t do it! You will get a spanking.” The threat was coming from his dad. Rog looked up to see his little son Roger, begging for Walter to NOT GET IN TROUBLE WITH DAD. Rog then realized that punishing Walter was causing pain for little Roger. That idea made Rog laugh.

But that kind of thinking has led cruel men to figure out, how they could manipulate kids to fear for the safety of their brothers and sisters and turn kids into fighters by fear alone. Darfur was such a place, I learned years latter.

The day would come when my husband an only child would try to live out his life, teaching little Roger how to date. It is with a sadness that I have learned is my fault, for enabling my X to manipulate me, by just once forcing me to the floor and forcing me to take a job, I really didn’t want to take. I had a “fear” of him being “rough of me.” And out of the fear came a kind of “respect” for the belittling of me, if I dared to be a “feisty wife” and give my own opinion, when he encouraged his son and bought the little tight T-Shirt for Rogers girlfriend.

“You have a collect call for Roger Anderson.” Rog picked up the phone and hung it up. WAIT! Where is Roger? The phone rang again and I took the call. Roger had run some eleven miles upstream to a little city with a pay phone. His girlfriend had dumped him and I could see the reason why. College plans came and I rode with Roger to Walla Walla where he would take up kite-boarding on the Hood River.

There was another reason why I was unpopular. In building our new house in the newly created area on the Oakdale Golf and Country Club there was A DAY, when the men were to come and place the rocks on the hill that make a waterfall into a new swimming pool in the back- yard of our new 5,000 square foot two story home.


The men arrived with the news they had no breakfast, so we got in the Mercedes and drove to McDonalds but had no money, but the took a check and I and the boys laughed. We returned to the house to fed the men and then they said, “We haven’t been paid.” They needed a thousand dollars, so we headed to the bank, and it seemed like fun to ask for dollar bills. I really shouldn’t have been the one to pay the men, but we did. We headed back home and I remembered we had to pick up the dirty shirts and take them to the laundry. At the cleaners I remembered we had to return one of the violins that Roger was testing and one needed to be chosen and the other returned via FED EX. We went back home again. Rog has said, “We made $7,000.00 and go buy the boys bikes.” That was the order of THE DAY. We were to go shopping and we had permission to shop. The main street in Modesto had anew Computer Store and I was the church secretary and boys were anxious to learn more. We headed in and begin to absorb the new equipment and it was not out of line to order a new computer for the church. We were paying a second tithe and GOD HAD BLESSED US, and in time we would fund the money to buy the new church computer. But down the street was new automobile, in gold. It seemed to point to the sky and I could not drive by. We entered the showroom and passed a used golf cart and among the things on my bucket list was for us all, to have a day golfing together, something that has never happened yet. You have to UNDERSTAND that Rog came home with his first truck without consulting me, and we were driving a NEW CAR EVERY YEAR. Mostly I was not involved, and sometimes he let me pick the color. But lately his purchases of golf clubs without my permission was never an item. We ordered the new Lexus and it was the quietest car I’ve ever driven and we drove it for two years. BUT! The worst was yet to come.

When Rog came home that night, the slide was not fixed into the waterfall and I was in trouble. Rog came up the back stairs and asked “What did you do today?” And little Roger laughed out loud. He came to me asked, “What did you do today?” and I laughed out loud too.

Rog was never the kind to invite “discussion.” He picked up the phone and called the wife of our friend Dave. “Shirley Connie has . . . . . .and what should I do?” Now Shirley was my best friend and she had not really seen the whole picture when she said, “You could have Connie given 24 hour stay in the mental health facility.”

At this point, we had our two sons in church school and Roger dating in Academy. The whole business of me not being able to put in my “word” about his business of “HOW TO DATE” was showing me how bad his childhood had been under two parents teaching church school and not allowing him to date, to learn, to make his own mistakes. He was trying to be the man, that his dad had never given a chance for him to learn how to be.

I went like the lamb to the slaughter. I was told if I did not take the pills that the doctor offered he would have to get warrant from the police. I remember Paul on the Island of Malta and he could take the snake bite and not die, so I voluntarily took the meds. I would learn latter that I have an allergic reaction to the drug haldol and it is like an aphrodisiac. I was an aggressive person towards men that very much unlike me. I am ashamed to even think of how I acted. But it would be over many years before I realized in being forced to take again, that it was not a good drug for me. That was the last time I left a mental institution and would be the first time in 16 years of being called bipolar in 2005. I am now 16 years drug free and after taking a competency test, the doctor said, “Connie, you are plenty competent, but you just don’t trust yourself.” My answer was, “I don’t need to I trust God.” Dr. Fish fired back, “Is there a court order for you to take bipolar meds?” “NO” I answered. “Then don’t take the meds and don’t come back unless you need me” as he closed the door in my face.

Being BIPOLAR NO MORE and BEING TOLD I AM COMPETENT became a NEW WORLD FOR ME, when I finally realized that I COULD TRUST GOD. I could be Connie for the first time in my life at the age of 55. Then something begin to happen as I noticed how people could and would walk over me, if I did not speak up.

I moved to Nebraska with Walter who was starting college in Lincoln. The next few years would be a learning grounds for both of us. The marriage had ended in divorce and Rog was dating around and taking another man’s wife on vacations and even bringing her on our family vacations. He needed an excuse for me to be mentally ill, and a woman who allows her husband to take another man’s wife on an overnight hiking trip is “mentally ill.” Rog would try and goad me into wanting a divorce and it had to happen. He put money down on a house and wanted me to live in it and have an income of $5,000.00 a month and car. He could afford two wives and if you have the money you can do as you please.

It isn’t easy being called “mentally ill” and having the Christian psychologists saying, “Connie, you don’t need to take the meds.” But every time I would get “happy” the “fear of me being mentally ill” was there to support my husband and his open defiance pushing me to move out.

The separation from the “fear” of him wanting to kill me, was recorded the second time I voluntarily went to a mental institution. He wanted me dead. He began to register me into the hospital. The nurse came to check on me. When I raised my head, she saw the bruises on my neck and then the nurses began to quiz him about how he had treated me.

The last time I volunteered to go into a mental health facility, Walter and Janet took me to Stockton, where the boys were first found who had been mistreated by the Priests. The double mirror in the room was taken out, and the inquiry was weird too. But in the back of my head, if I was a prophet, I would not be injured by helping someone there. I wanted to know if God could use me. The boy in my art class drew me a picture of a monkey in a candy machine. It was very clever. He had talent. But he was in the mental facility. His dad had had enough of him busting walls, and going crazy. He was bipolar. But the next pictures all had red and blood, swastikas, etc. One of the young ladies would not go to art class, she saw him as somebody who could kill someone.

I will call him Charles. They were going to give him a shot to calm him down. He had picked up a chair a thrown it. The young lady ran down the hall to see what happened. She was braver than I. But I too followed her and found a man with diabetes was bleeding from his leg. But he understood the frustration of the Charles. Other patients wanted to pray and we did.

His father came in the next morning and was seated beside his sons bed. “Would you like to play a Bible game?” I asked as I handed Charles my Bible. “Just open the Bible and start reading.” I said.

Charles opened Bible, while sitting with his legs cross and his double jointed arms, strangely arched.

Mat 10:35  For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. 
Mat 10:36  And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.

I saw his dad’s face turn white. Charles asked, “DOES IT WORK IF YOU CRY?”

I answered, “YES.”

The father left and Charles came down the hall bawling with a deep groaning sound, all the way down the hall to his room. Apparently he had not cried for a very long time, and THE WORD had come that GOD KNEW HIS TRIALS, and Charles was HEALED. He had healed himself.

The next day in art class, I asked Charles to draw me a picture. And he drew so fast, the blank papers were being created like a machine. He was pouring out his energy in making a city, an airport, and buildings and there was palm tree with branches and orange colored fruit between the leaves. I was see a miracle and Charles was soon released. What power THE WORD HAS and WHAT WAY THE LORD HAD WORKED. I was ready to end the divorce and begin a life on my own.

The had a kind trial with a judge, before I left. The doctor had written Connie is profit to her neighborhood. They sensed something was wrong and nurse came to me and said, “What is the matter?” She was a Seventh Day Adventist Nurse that checked me in. I said, “The doctor can’t spell.” The nurse rewrote the note. They had thanked me for helping Charles. They knew it was a miracle. And they changed the note to read, “Connie is prophet to her neighborhood.” I stayed long enough to prove I was well and beat a man who called himself a Champion Chess Player in about four moves. It really did my soul good, to use that silly way to win, that most novices would never get away with.

With my found spirit and end of pills, my life would begin again and with the money from the divorce I ventured out with my motor home to go to a Maranatha Project and help build 75 new spaces for trailers at the Soquel Campground. It was there my energy was happily expended helping everywhere I found someone who needed help. I got the employee of the day reward, and then realized how silly I looked peeling eggs, painting, and feeding the goo needed to help pull the wires through the pipes to the trailer sites.

The church secretary wanted to meet me. She had plans to go to Romania and preach a two week seminar, but she wanted me to come along and go with her to help. It sounded like an adventure and I was in. But at the last minute her son needed help and I was then forced into learning a new skill, with a computer, with a projector, with a sermon and notes. I found out the translator also had the sermon in Romanian. The people would come out to see the American Lady and that attraction brought a crowd into the little frame church in the middle of Romania. Our hotel city was on the Danube, but what I learned about the people, the PRIESTS, and funerals is for another day.

If We Shun the Cross, We Lose Eternal Life

THE PROPHET came to invite sinners to be His brothers and sisters, to do the will of His Father. JESUS IS ALIVE AND WELL HE IS STILL INVITING US TO CHOOSE HIM OVER THE DEVIL.

“He that taketh not his cross, and follow after me, is not worthy of me.” Matthew 10:38.

There can only be two classes. . . .And all who place themselves on the side of the disloyal are standing under Satan’s black banner, and are charged with rejecting and despitefully using Christ. They are charged with deliberately crucifying the Lord of life and glory.

He who shuns the cross shuns the reward promised to the faithful.

Look to Calvary until your heart melts at the amazing love of the Son of God. And the love of GOD for His Son. God left nothing undone that fallen man might be elevated and purified. And shall we not confess Him? Will the religion of Christ degrade its receiver?–No; it will be no degradation to follow in the footsteps of the Man of Calvary. Day by day let us sit at the feet of Jesus, and learn of Him, that in our conversation, our conduct, our dress, and in all our affairs, we may reveal the fact that Jesus is ruling and reigning over uts. God calls upon us to walk in a path that has been cast up for the ransomed of the Lord; we are not to walk in the world. We are to surrender all to God, and confess Christ is our Lord.

“He that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me. He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.” Day by day we are to deny self, to lift up the cross, and follow in the footsteps of the Master.

I am glad that the day of probation will not close until we see the coming of JESUS in the CLOUD. Let us in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth fall on the Rock and be broken. y meekness, by love, by a holy conversation, by a compassionate spirit, confess Christ to others. O that we might come into a position where He might reveal His glory as it was revealed in Jerusalem when the Holy Spirit was poured out upon the people.

The cross of Calvary is to us the pledge of everlasting LIFE!

Who am I anyway?:

The disturbing part of my life began when I was taken out of Church School in 8th grade.

The Denver Junior Academy only had nine grades in those early years. Our mixed classes of students Hispanic, Japanese, White, Afro American were just kids, like me. Thrown in were some new girls whose parents thought “church school” might help their granddaughter, or daughter. These additions to our class of trouble female students who had been with other men, brought a new culture and new ideas to us in 8th grade.

But our Bible Teacher had us working together in group project of creating a Wilderness Sanctuary. And Gary was cutting an altar out of balsa wood, with great success. And this “team work” included me, and mom in finding a “cover” made of “seal skins” for the earthly Temple of God. Mom had an old rabbit skin from somewhere, and it was “skin” and Elder Haas our teacher, asked to keep it. I was proud to be a help.

But back home Mom and Dad had plans. Our home was surrounded by G.I.’s who had come back from WWII. Mom didn’t want to go to back to India and “be a missionary” after seeing the flies, cow dung plastered on the walls, to dry and be used for fire wood. She didn’t want to see the Taj Mahal and Burning Gnats where the boys of the dead mother, put rice in her mouth, and used the sandalwood, the most costly wood, to burn their mother and send her to the better land. The Movies of India may by my dad and his brother, were a yearly event, as we traveled with them to their three year stay in India, as Conscientious Objectors to war, but they could be LOYAL TO THE TASK OF DEFENDING OUR FREEDOM.

Mother was not willing to go back…to the past…for she had spent her lifetime in Nebraska a farmer’s kid. She knew what flies were, she knew in Denver there were streams and fresh greens on truck farms where we could buy the spinach, asparagus, tomatoes and cucumbers and freeze them, without having to grow them.

Behind us was the entire block of Quonset HUTS perhaps five in a row with two families each. Each family seemed to have a least one or two children and as the years past our back yard was the playground for those who had none. We played red light green light, and team sports, daddy bought a badmitten net, and never had a loss of friends, who had to live by Mom’s House Rules. The garden, connected to our PLAY HOUSE, made out of old chicken coop, but it had double door, so we could play inside and open the window to look out. Janet was 15 months younger than me, and though more petite, she and I were treated like twins. Even our homemade dresses were alike and sometimes the colors were different, but the pattern the same. We felt more comfortable in yardage store, picking out which fabric “felt” the best for the patterns we began to make for ourselves.

Franklin was a big brother, and his friends became a part of our family too. Jan, nicknamed Jan the Tin Can, was a regular at our house, and Franklin made the lunch, and loaded the “covered wagon” to take us girls, up to the Denver University Campus for an outing, Jan was in the wagon too, with his tricycle rolling along with him pedaling the big wheel, as Franklin pulled us all up the block passing the Engineering School on the left, and the Bookkeepers on the right, cranking their new “adding machines” in the wooden buildings thrown up to handle the new students.

I could go on an on about our exploits into the campus, the Biology Department, with its babies in bottles, along with other body parts that got the nick name THE SPOOK HOUSE. THE RAT HOUSE was where they did rat experiments, but they always had a “pet rat” and we got to know them too. The man who fired up the heating for the college, was our neighbor and Mr. Vance could really tell stories of fishing in Mexico and Mrs. Vance made real good cakes, cookies and and she would ask Mr. Vance, “What do you want to eat?” And he would say, “Pie, cake and icecream.” They became life long friends

When I started school, Franklin had already started at the Denver Junior Academy. He was four years ahead of me. But by 8th grade a new school had opened in our area, and we moved into the New House on East Amherst from 2335 So. York. The careful planning of Mom and Dad was that we would each have a college education, because neither my mom or dad had graduated from High School. We were going to have what they did not have and even more.

Daddy’s job at the Denver Post would end after 44 years in the NEWSPAPER BUSINESS, that began with him delivering the Rocky Mountain News. And would end with his face on the front of the DENVER POST, the highest honor to employee can have. Daddy had grown with job of Pressroom Manager, through line a type, using lead fonts, then pressed paper plates, to the day when they moved into their New Office on the Capital Mall and went digital.

The year I was taken out of church school, I took as a loss. I would have to study the Bible on my own because there were would be no more classes except as I studied my Junior Guide and became a part of the social activities at the new Denver South Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Mom and Dad were huge part of the social scene, with Mom being the Wedding Coordinator and Greeter, we had new friends coming from church, to our house and Willy showed up, as a Mexican from Tijuana, who was taking computer classes and soon Willy was part of the family and staying in the basement, as I moved on to college. Franklin’s room was taken up by another student from Denver University and Tom was great friend and about my age, when I returned from Union College in Nebraska.

I didn’t know my dad was worth so much or receiving a pay check equal to a dentist or doctor in those days. I just knew our friends were children of doctors and dentist’s. And my Mom ended up working for some to help put us through college. And perhaps her years working for Dr. Mellor helped her see why I should become a Dental Hygienst and my brother should become a Dentist,and why I married a Dentist,and My sister married my husbands best friend, and why my son is a Dentist.

So what happened in those formative years of being the house on the block with most kids? MOM became the supervisor and regular of what happened in the neighborhood. Some kid had seen the boys playing football across the street, and had thrown a rock at FRanklin that hit him in the head, and it was bleeding fearsly! While MOM had seen to the cut and used her nursing skills to clean and bandage the wound, she began her search of this malcontent in the neighborhood. Seems he was throwing newspapers, and she checked the route and soon law and order was established again. MOM managed everything from the layered garden to the hanging the clothes on the backyard line, to hoeing he garden, and showing me how to “mangle the pillow cases, she had starched.” Now Janet and I were not found of those perfect, starched pillow cases and we began to box the pillows to get the starch out first thing every week. MOM was the one who spanked us and sent us to the “sweet up” room. And when Cindy came alone, we each had a chore and mine was fun, washing her hair, warming her bottle, and I didn’t need a Besty Wetsy Doll, I had my own living baby to love.

Those days on York Street began an idea of how much fun a family can have. Daddy must have dreamed of what his family would have, when he was in India for three years. He wanted a swing below a grapevine, and he got it. He wanted a big swing and chin-up bar for his son and daughters to exercise on. And more than that, he get on the bus to ride to town to work, and every evening Janet and I would sit near the bus stop, singing songs to waste the time. About that time Mackadot got run over in front of our house. Mom decided I needed a new dog for my Birthday in Febuary, so she picked out a new little white dog with a tail like old Mackadot, but the little boy set the dog in the box, behind the car, and owner ran over the little white dog. So her came mom with a little ran dog, and his nickname would be CHICO. Part something and something else was not my MOMS favorite dog, it was not the one she picked out.

CHICO became sick with hepatitis. Our cat SMOKY was a long haired gray cat and they had grown up together, fighting like cat and dog, but they never really hurt each other. Students would watch them play and we would laugh. But now Smokey was licking the matted eyes of CHICO, and we knew she loved him as much as I did.

That night I asked MOM and Janet to pray for CHICO. MOMS nursing years had experienced life and death. She knew the signs of the eyes, and the vet and proven there was no cure, and CHICO was going to die. The next morning I was eager for MOM to open the heavy garage door and let me see CHICO. But MOM was looking at the clothesline and she saw the bedding on the line used for the CHICOS’ bed. Daddy must have taken CHICO away, and CHICO had to dead. MOM was not eager to take me to the garage. She too had just experienced the tragedy of losing her dog, and the one who bought, and now a third death was near.

MOM, come open the door to garage! I pleaded, but she was stalling. She was gathering her words for my soon disappointment. Janet was still in bed asleep. It was just MOM and I. As she lifted the heavy door, CHICO was on his wobbly paws, trying to run, trying to play, but he was falling over because he was so weak. He headed for the grass, and MOM was crying. Now my STOIC MOM, never cried. She had seen life and death on the farm. She had seen mother cats, ignore a bad kitten and leave it to die. She was prepared for the worst, but GOD had answered the prayers we made the night before.

At the age of 97 when MOM passed away, she still could NOT TELL THIS STORY without a tear in her eye. It was her tears that made me realize it was TRUE, GOD had to answer OUR PRAYERS, because she knew CHICO was going to die.

My first experience with MOM recognizing a MIRACLE meant more to me than all the miracles that have happened in my life since them. It still come back to FAITH, that GOD CARES TOO. HE CARES ENOUGH to take us to where we NEED TO CALL UPON HIS NAME.

Connie at the young age of 2, knelt by the little wooden rail in front the seats in the Old York side Church, watching her Grandpa Ordelheide be baptized along with Jenice and Jeannie, Janet and Franklin and other cousins, who knew this was a GREAT OCCASION, for them to pull up the floor and do this for Grandpa, as his youngest son was heading to war in Korea. That too was a miracle. And my Grandpa Fults in Nebraska had decided to be baptized too, as my Uncle Dale headed to Korea too.

Those early years I lived in a perfect family, with perfect parents, who loved us and loved all the kids in the neighborhood. We canned, we ironed, we starched the clothes and mom ironed a basket full of clothes every week, with her head connected to the telephone, she made and planed the church activities and in our new house, these “eating meetings” became a regular part of Mom and Dad being a part of the planning the Saturday night programs and fund raising parties, where we all worked together until the work was done, and then we all played together was our family motto.

The church has Pathfinder Program and when I was sent off to public school, Nida Gates, became my Pathfinder Leader and source of connection to the school kids along with her daughter Gloria I became a part of their family too. We hiked, and did Track and Trailing, we learned the names of dogs and added badges to our collection. And this way I kept connected to the school and kids, as I grew up.

Our new house put us in the right area to go to Thomas Jefferson Jr. Senior High School in South Denver. Janet got into sewing and we became pardners in working together, even hammering out the peacock blue wool suit we made for MOM. Working with Janet after so many years of playing together has always been a special joy in my life. I never wanted to lose her friendship. And it was fun buying a load of colored thread to add to her collection. When Janet began the Stanislaus Embroidery Group, I had grown up and moved away, but the benefits of her work still hand in my house and adorned by bed with her quilts.

High School was just a matter of getting through it, until I could go to a Church School for College. So I took summer school and got my graduation over in three years instead of four.

But I was saved in Physics Class by a young man who sat in front of me with red hair. Peter turned around before class and asked me, “Connie, are you saved?” I was taught to never say, “I AM SAVED” is was not permitted to my knowledge to have the assurance of Salvation. I was “thinking” Peter was pulling out his Bible from under his desk and opening it up to Romans 10:9  That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. 

Today for the first time in my life, I have read the verse before it. Rom 10:8  But what saith it? The word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach; 

I bought myself up, thinking I was obeying the law, but Peter had pointed out the flaw….if the WORD IS ABOUT FAITH, we preach that all who confess with their mouth the Lord Jesus and shall BELEIVE IN THEIR HEART that GOD RAISED HIM FROM THE DEAD, THOU SHALL BE SAVED.

I hate to admit that “MY FAITH” had been built upon THE LAW, which I had kept since a child. And today “BY FAITH” I believe that LAW is still binding for me, for since my husband a Loma Linda graduate of Dentistry in 1971, has “forced” me into being “obedient” to “him” and “my faith” could not be shaken, but his form of making me feel worthless, and less than capable of being accepted into heaven, was the crushing blow to my Christian experience.

How could a son of the Seventh Day Adventist Church School Teacher, not understand, we like Abraham, Issac, and Jacob are SAVED BY FAITH, in expectation of a BETTER WORLD BEYOND our site. But we can see the stars, the constellations, all speak of a MIGHTY WARRIOR named ORION, and his dog.

And today, no Seventh-Day Adventist should believe they are saved by keeping the Ten Commandment alone, there must “be faith.” And my Salvation is based on believing in what I have not seen. And today my faith is in the prophecy, that GOD can RAISE THE DEAD, and THEN TAKE ME TO HEAVEN. This is something the devil cannot do. He was thrown out heaven, because he was in a state of REBELLION.

And TODAY we find a rebellious and coveting people, wanting TO DESTROY, rather than BUILD a community, because THEY ARE NOT SAVED. They don’t know the JOY OF SALVATION, like I do, because I married a non SDA man, who loves me enough to GIVE ME FREEDOM to be me, the conscientious objector to war, even consicentious objector to arguing about anything. But, I still need to connect with God, with church, and with the SABBATH on Saturday because it means MY WORK IS THROUGH, and I AM FINISHED, and I LIKE TO REST and FEEL appreciated for all my hard work through the week.

And Terry is here, and Terry is in HOSPICE, and some days he does not make sense. And some days its easier to just go along with what ever is going to happen, rather than making plans.

REALITY SETS IN and all my friends who still are friends understand me. And all my relatives who are my friends, still understand me. And by now, the shock of death being so close and Terry wanting this thing over, seems to be so cruel, that I wish for JESUS TO COME more than ever and come SOON. GOD BLESS YOU AND HAPPY SABBATH and may you too find A REST for your heart and home this weekend.


Connie, and I know who I am, a child of God in the highest sense of the word, child. And thankful I have a Heavenly Father, Heavenly Jesus and Heavenly Angels to watch over me.

We Take Up Our Cross and Follow Christ


How precious is the knowledge that we have a faithful Friend, One who will impart to us a noble, elevated character, which will fit us for the companionship of the heavenly angels in the courts above! His guardianship is over all His children. They have a peace that the world can neither give nor take away. The loss of earthly treasures does not make them hopeless or homeless. . .

Christ beholds the world, full of activity in seeking for earthly treasures. He sees many eagerly trying first one thing and then another in their efforts to obtain the coveted earthly treasure which they think will satisfy their selfish greed, while in their eager pursuit they pass by the only path that leads to the true riches.

As One having authority Christ speaks to such ones, inviting them to follow Him. He offers to lead them to the riches that are as enduring as eternity. He points them to the narrow path of self denial and sacrifice. Those who press on in this path, surmounting every obstacle, will reach the land of glory. In lifting the cross they find that the cross lifts them, and they will at last gain the imperishable treasure.

Many think to find security in earthly riches. But Christ seeks to remove from their eye the far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory. They are mistaking phantoms for realities, and have lost sight of the glories of the eternal world. Christ calls upon them to extend their view beyond the present, and add eternity to their vision.

We are to lift the cross, and follow the steps of Christ. Those who lift the cross will find that as they do this, the cross lifts them, giving them fortitude and courage, and pointing them to the Lamb of God, who taketh away the sin of the world.

Had Daniel lived to see this day, what would he say? Where would we be without the ruins of Babylon to tell us the folly of mankind when they seek to build towers in the sky, to have others look at them and their pride. Pride attracts jealousy, but some are not the jealous kind. They prefer humble over display. Some can be happy with less.

God Reveals Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream
Dan 2:17  Then Daniel went to his house, and made the thing known to Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah, his companions: 
Dan 2:18  That they would desire mercies of the God of heaven concerning this secret; that Daniel and his fellows should not perish with the rest of the wise men of Babylon. 
Dan 2:19  Then was the secret revealed unto Daniel in a night vision. Then Daniel blessed the God of heaven. 
Dan 2:20  Daniel answered and said, Blessed be the name of God for ever and ever: for wisdom and might are his: 
Dan 2:21  And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding: 
Dan 2:22  He revealeth the deep and secret things: he knoweth what is in the darkness, and the light dwelleth with him. 
Dan 2:23  I thank thee, and praise thee, O thou God of my fathers, who hast given me wisdom and might, and hast made known unto me now what we desired of thee: for thou hast now made known unto us the king’s matter. 

Dan 2:24  Therefore Daniel went in unto Arioch, whom the king had ordained to destroy the wise men of Babylon: he went and said thus unto him; Destroy not the wise men of Babylon: bring me in before the king, and I will shew unto the king the interpretation. 
Dan 2:25  Then Arioch brought in Daniel before the king in haste, and said thus unto him, I have found a man of the captives of Judah, that will make known unto the king the interpretation. 
Dan 2:26  The king answered and said to Daniel, whose name was Belteshazzar, Art thou able to make known unto me the dream which I have seen, and the interpretation thereof? 
Dan 2:27  Daniel answered in the presence of the king, and said, The secret which the king hath demanded cannot the wise men, the astrologers, the magicians, the soothsayers, shew unto the king; 
Dan 2:28  But there is a God in heaven that revealeth secrets, and maketh known to the king Nebuchadnezzar what shall be in the latter days.
Thy dream, and the visions of thy head upon thy bed, are these; 
Dan 2:29  As for thee, O king, thy thoughts came into thy mind upon thy bed, what should come to pass hereafter: and he that revealeth secrets maketh known to thee what shall come to pass. 
Dan 2:30  But as for me, this secret is not revealed to me for any wisdom that I have more than any living, but for their sakes that shall make known the interpretation to the king, and that thou mightest know the thoughts of thy heart. 
Daniel Interprets the Dream
Dan 2:31  Thou, O king, sawest, and behold a great image. This great image, whose brightness was excellent, stood before thee; and the form thereof was terrible. 
Dan 2:32  This image’s head was of fine gold, his breast and his arms of silver, his belly and his thighs of brass, 
Dan 2:33  His legs of iron, his feet part of iron and part of clay. 
Dan 2:34  Thou sawest till that a stone was cut out without hands, which smote the image upon his feet that were of iron and clay, and brake them to pieces. 
Dan 2:35  Then was the iron, the clay, the brass, the silver, and the gold, broken to pieces together, and became like the chaff of the summer threshingfloors; and the wind carried them away, that no place was found for them: and the stone that smote the image became a great mountain, and filled the whole earth. 
Dan 2:36  This is the dream; and we will tell the interpretation thereof before the king. 
Dan 2:37  Thou, O king, art a king of kings: for the God of heaven hath given thee a kingdom, power, and strength, and glory. 
Dan 2:38  And wheresoever the children of men dwell, the beasts of the field and the fowls of the heaven hath he given into thine hand, and hath made thee ruler over them all. Thou art this head of gold. 
Dan 2:39  And after thee shall arise another kingdom inferior to thee, and another third kingdom of brass, which shall bear rule over all the earth. 
Dan 2:40  And the fourth kingdom shall be strong as iron: forasmuch as iron breaketh in pieces and subdueth all things: and as iron that breaketh all these, shall it break in pieces and bruise. 
Dan 2:41  And whereas thou sawest the feet and toes, part of potters’ clay, and part of iron, the kingdom shall be divided; but there shall be in it of the strength of the iron, forasmuch as thou sawest the iron mixed with miry clay. 
Dan 2:42  And as the toes of the feet were part of iron, and part of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong, and partly broken.
Dan 2:43  And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay. 
Dan 2:44  And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever. 
Dan 2:45  Forasmuch as thou sawest that the stone was cut out of the mountain without hands, and that it brake in pieces the iron, the brass, the clay, the silver, and the gold; the great God hath made known to the king what shall come to pass hereafter: and the dream is certain, and the interpretation thereof sure. 
Daniel Is Promoted
Dan 2:46  Then the king Nebuchadnezzar fell upon his face, and worshipped Daniel, and commanded that they should offer an oblation and sweet odours unto him. 
Dan 2:47  The king answered unto Daniel, and said, Of a truth it is, that your God is a God of gods, and a Lord of kings, and a revealer of secrets, seeing thou couldest reveal this secret. 
Dan 2:48  Then the king made Daniel a great man, and gave him many great gifts, and made him ruler over the whole province of Babylon, and chief of the governors over all the wise men of Babylon. 
Dan 2:49  Then Daniel requested of the king, and he set Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, over the affairs of the province of Babylon: but Daniel sat in the gate of the king. 

OMNIPOTENT, all knowing God, brought the “rock” cut out of a mountain or KINGDOM, without hands, has STUCK the NATION BLESSED BY HIS HANDS, to be a place of FREEDOM for the weary from PERSECUTION. Instead within the lives of mankind, lives the desire to be the highest among men WHO DESTROY and they HAVE A KING, whose name is found in Revelation 9:11

Rev 9:11  And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon. 
Rev 9:12  One woe is past; and, behold, there come two woes more hereafter. 
Rev 9:13  And the sixth angel sounded, and I heard a voice from the four horns of the golden altar which is before God, 
Rev 9:14  Saying to the sixth angel which had the trumpet, Loose the four angels which are bound in the great river Euphrates. 
Rev 9:15  And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men. 
Rev 9:16  And the number of the army of the horsemen were two hundred thousand thousand: and I heard the number of them. 
Rev 9:17  And thus I saw the horses in the vision, and them that sat on them, having breastplates of fire, and of jacinth, and brimstone: and the heads of the horses were as the heads of lions; and out of their mouths issued fire and smoke and brimstone. 
Rev 9:18  By these three was the third part of men killed, by the fire, and by the smoke, and by the brimstone, which issued out of their mouths. 
Rev 9:19  For their power is in their mouth, and in their tails: for their tails were like unto serpents, and had heads, and with them they do hurt. 
Rev 9:20  And the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues yet repented not of the works of their hands, that they should not worship devils, and idols of gold, and silver, and brass, and stone, and of wood: which neither can see, nor hear, nor walk: 
Rev 9:21  Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts. 

Rev 9:21  Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.

Rev 9:21  Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.

These last day individuals have no pain or understanding of their own sins, that are ripping our NATION apart, limb by limb.

THOSE who do this kind of destruction to mankind, have a KING, whose name in English is THE DESTROYER.

By lifting UP the CROSS OF JESUS CHRIST, we come to understand the TIME HAS COME, when mankind has made its DECISION to “fight against all that is good, holy, just and true.”

This is called THE CLOSE OF PROBATION, for EARTH and its inhabitants. If Lucifer is given authority to his subjects “to destroy” he will not be satisfied until the earth is in ruins.

For a thousand years, while those who wish to belong to the GOD OF FREEDOM, within boundaries of holding life sacred, and honoring the GOD who purchased OUR FREEDOM, with the SACRIFICE OF HIS SON, Lucifer will be “bound” to this earth in ruins. He will have NO ONE TO TEMPT and NOTHING TO DESTROY…he did it all by himself.

Had Lucifer been left to sit on God’s Throne, he would “sacrifice the son of God” again and again. Lucifer is the father of lies, there is NO TRUTH in him.

I pray there will be a welcome for JESUS WHEN HE COMES, to remove us from this mayhem, chaos and confusion, and the RUINS OF EARTH, will continue to be a reminder to those in Heaven, of “what we have lost.”

THE YEAR OF JUBILEE WILL BEGIN WITH PEACE OF MIND, knowing only GOD can read our motives and know our sins, and forgive us from all our sins. For we alone have lived on very unholy grounds where Lucifer is free to destroy all who do not CALL UPON THE NAME OF THE LORD! ALL who CALL upon the NAME OF THE LORD, SHALL BE SAVED. When we put on the ROBE OF HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS, it is with great HUMILITY, because we do NOT DESERVE TO BE CALLED, holy, just and true which is the NAME OF GOD, JESUS and HIS HOLY SPIRIT IN ME LOVES YOU.

JESUS WILL NOT TOUCH DOWN ON EARTH, HE COMES IN THE CLOUDS, the angels will come and take you to your Mother. THE CLOUDS will take us back to HEAVEN and through the GATES OF ORION where GOD continues to CREATE NEW MOONS, STARS and GALAXIES.

We have a HEAVEN TO WIN and DEATH WILL BE NO MORE. May God Bless you and Keep you in His hands!

The devil cannot begin to even come close to HOW JESUS WILL COME IN THE CLOUDS. The devil cannot sit on a cloud. He must come in some kind of “manmade” machine. The devil will not be able to move into the HEAVENS, which he would have destroyed. The devil cannot CREATE but he can DESTROY, what all GOD HAD DONE to PROVE HE IS THE CREATOR GOD.

What does it mean to: Take Up The Cross and Deny Self?

The Tomb of Daniel suggests his coffin is 54 feet long. But today DANIEL is my HERO in the Book of Revelation, that brings us back to BABYLON.

I am crucified with Christ; nevertheless I live; and yet not I, but Christ liveth in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.” Galatians 2:20

Christ was crucified for FALLEN MANKIND. But to many who call themselves Christians this event is NOTHING. In practice they deny the cross of Christ. . . .They admit that Christ died on the cross, but because there is a crucifixion for them to experience, they will not receive THE LESSONS that lead to SELF-DENIAL and SELF-SACRIFICE. They are Christians in name only. The central point of their faith is not a crucified and RISEN SAVIOUR, WHO BRINGS TO ALL THAT RECEIVE HIM, the PRIVILEGE of BEINGS SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF GOD.

Give up the pleasures of sin in exchange for heaven and eternal life. What are the FEW DAYS WITH SELFISH GRATIFICATION that contain no ONE GENUINE DROP OF HAPPINESS, to the ETERNITY OF BLISS that AWAIT THE FAITHFUL SOUL! Keep not Christ’s love from your soul. Look to the cross of Calvary if you want a tangible proof of His love. Heaven is looking upon YOU with INTENSE INTEREST, to see what YOU will do. The ANGELS ARE AMAZED WHEN YOU TURN WITH INDIFFERENCE FROM THE BLESSINGS THAT ARE OFFERED YOU. If you REFUSE TO RESPOND TO THE DRAWING LOVE OF CHRIST, you will finally grow REBELLIOUS and DEFIANT.

Paul realized that his sufficiency was NOT IN HIMSELF, but in the PRESENCE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, whose gracious influence filled his heart, bringing every thought into subjection to CHrist. . . .In the apostles teachings, Christ was the central figure. “I LIVE,” he declared, “Yet NOT I, BUT CHRIST liveth in me.” SELF WAS HIDDEN” Christ was REVEALED AND EXALTED.”

Those who deny self to do others good, and who devote themselves and all they have to Christ’s service, will realize the happiness which the selfish man seeks for in vain.

Daniel and his three Hebrew friends, would prefer death rather than disobedience to his Loyalty to God and Man. The Bible says, “a mark” will be forced upon the populations, to show “their loyalty” to their Government. Do NOT TAKE THE CHIP…show your LOYALTY TO GOD like DANIEL and his three HEBREW FRIENDS. Dare to be a DANIEL, dare to stand alone, dare to have purpose firm, dare to make it known.


Mercy & Justice Met at THE CROSS

The women and children caught in the friendly fire of this earth’s history, deserve to be heard, like the voice of the Mother and Her son.

“MERCY and TRUTH are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other.” Psalms 85:10

Justice and Mercy stood apart, in opposition to each other, separated by a wide gulf. The Lord our Redeemer clothed His divinity with humanity, and wrought out in behalf of man a character that was without spot or blemish. He planted His cross midway between heaven and earth, and made it the object of attraction which reached both ways, drawing both Justice and Mercy across the gulf. . .There it saw One equal with GOD bearing THE PENALTY for ALL INJUSTICE AND SIN. With perfect satisfaction Justice bowed in reverence at the cross, saying, “IT IS ENOUGH.”

By the offering made in our behalf we are placed on vantage-ground. The sinner, drawn by the power of CHrist, from the confederacy of sin, approaches the uplifted cross, and prostates himself before it. Then there is a new creature in Christ Jesus. The sinner is cleansed and purified. A new heart is given to him. Holiness finds that it has nothing more to require. THE WORK OF REDEMPTION INVOLVED CONSEQUENCES of which it is difficult for man to have any conception. There was to be imparted to the human being striving for conformity to the divine image an outlay of heaven’s treasures, an excellency of power, which would place him higher than the angels who had not fallen. The battle has been fought, the victory won. The controversy between sin and righteousness exalted the Lord of heaven, and established before the saved human family, before the unfallen worlds, before all the host of evil workers, from the greatest to the least, God’s holiness, mercy, goodness, and wisdom.

Christ ON THE CROSS was the MEDIUM whereby MERCY and TRUTH met together, and righteousness and peace kissed each other.

The greatness of this gift was to furnish men with a theme of thanksgiving and praise that would last through time and though eternity.

PRAISE THE LORD, even when you really don’t “feel” like saying PRAISE THE LORD, just do it. Especially when you really don’t feel like saying PRAISE THE LORD, it may make you laugh to think, GOD HAS SOMETHING SPECIAL in the pain of the times.

My receptionist would schedule my patients, and sooner of later something, would “change” or be a “challenge” to me. Wanda would look up from her desk and say, “Connie, PRAISE THE LORD.” I remember wanting to COMPLAIN! “Right now! You want me to PRAISE THE LORD?” Sometimes I would stamp my feet with a laugh, because the practice of “learning patience” is often a challenge, which GOD GIVES US. ummm YES! He can give us challenges! PRAISE THE LORD, ANYWAY…HE LOVES ME ENOUGH TO HELP ME LEARN…it’s not easy being me.

August 24, 2020 tried Opening My Bible, this has ALWAYS helped before:Miciah 22 Prophesies Against Ahab

1Ki 22:1  And they continued three years without war between Syria and Israel. 
1Ki 22:2  And it came to pass in the third year, that Jehoshaphat the king of Judah came down to the king of Israel. 
1Ki 22:3  And the king of Israel said unto his servants, Know ye that Ramoth in Gilead is ours, and we be still, and take it not out of the hand of the king of Syria? 
1Ki 22:4  And he said unto Jehoshaphat, Wilt thou go with me to battle to Ramothgilead? And Jehoshaphat said to the king of Israel, I am as thou art, my people as thy people, my horses as thy horses. 
1Ki 22:5  And Jehoshaphat said unto the king of Israel, Enquire, I pray thee, at the word of the LORD to day. 
1Ki 22:6  Then the king of Israel gathered the prophets together, about four hundred men, and said unto them, Shall I go against Ramothgilead to battle, or shall I forbear? And they said, Go up; for the Lord shall deliver it into the hand of the king. 
1Ki 22:7  And Jehoshaphat said, Is there not here a prophet of the LORD besides, that we might enquire of him? 
1Ki 22:8  And the king of Israel said unto Jehoshaphat, There is yet one man, Micaiah the son of Imlah, by whom we may enquire of the LORD: but I hate him; for he doth not prophesy good concerning me, but evil. And Jehoshaphat said, Let not the king say so. 
1Ki 22:9  Then the king of Israel called an officer, and said, Hasten hither Micaiah the son of Imlah. 
1Ki 22:10  And the king of Israel and Jehoshaphat the king of Judah sat each on his throne, having put on their robes, in a void place in the entrance of the gate of Samaria; and all the prophets prophesied before them. 
1Ki 22:11  And Zedekiah the son of Chenaanah made him horns of iron: and he said, Thus saith the LORD, With these shalt thou push the Syrians, until thou have consumed them. 
1Ki 22:12  And all the prophets prophesied so, saying, Go up to Ramothgilead, and prosper: for the LORD shall deliver it into the king’s hand. 
Micaiah Prophesies Against Ahab
1Ki 22:13  And the messenger that was gone to call Micaiah spake unto him, saying, Behold now, the words of the prophets declare good unto the king with one mouth: let thy word, I pray thee, be like the word of one of them, and speak that which is good. 
1Ki 22:14  And Micaiah said, As the LORD liveth, what the LORD saith unto me, that will I speak. 
1Ki 22:15  So he came to the king. And the king said unto him, Micaiah, shall we go against Ramothgilead to battle, or shall we forbear? And he answered him, Go, and prosper: for the LORD shall deliver it into the hand of the king. 
1Ki 22:16  And the king said unto him, How many times shall I adjure thee that thou tell me nothing but that which is true in the name of the LORD? 
1Ki 22:17  And he said, I saw all Israel scattered upon the hills, as sheep that have not a shepherd: and the LORD said, These have no master: let them return every man to his house in peace. 
1Ki 22:18  And the king of Israel said unto Jehoshaphat, Did I not tell thee that he would prophesy no good concerning me, but evil? 
1Ki 22:19  And he said, Hear thou therefore the word of the LORD: I saw the LORD sitting on his throne, and all the host of heaven standing by him on his right hand and on his left. 
1Ki 22:20  And the LORD said, Who shall persuade Ahab, that he may go up and fall at Ramothgilead? And one said on this manner, and another said on that manner. 
1Ki 22:21  And there came forth a spirit, and stood before the LORD, and said, I will persuade him. 
1Ki 22:22  And the LORD said unto him, Wherewith? And he said, I will go forth, and I will be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets. And he said, Thou shalt persuade him, and prevail also: go forth, and do so. 
1Ki 22:23  Now therefore, behold, the LORD hath put a lying spirit in the mouth of all these thy prophets, and the LORD hath spoken evil concerning thee. 
1Ki 22:24  But Zedekiah the son of Chenaanah went near, and smote Micaiah on the cheek, and said, Which way went the Spirit of the LORD from me to speak unto thee? 
1Ki 22:25  And Micaiah said, Behold, thou shalt see in that day, when thou shalt go into an inner chamber to hide thyself. 
1Ki 22:26  And the king of Israel said, Take Micaiah, and carry him back unto Amon the governor of the city, and to Joash the king’s son; 
1Ki 22:27  And say, Thus saith the king, Put this fellow in the prison, and feed him with bread of affliction and with water of affliction, until I come in peace. 

1Ki 22:28  And Micaiah said, If thou return at all in peace, the LORD hath not spoken by me. And he said, Hearken, O people, every one of you. 
Ahab Killed in Battle
1Ki 22:29  So the king of Israel and Jehoshaphat the king of Judah went up to Ramothgilead. 
1Ki 22:30  And the king of Israel said unto Jehoshaphat, I will disguise myself, and enter into the battle; but put thou on thy robes. And the king of Israel disguised himself, and went into the battle. 
1Ki 22:31  But the king of Syria commanded his thirty and two captains that had rule over his chariots, saying, Fight neither with small nor great, save only with the king of Israel. 
1Ki 22:32  And it came to pass, when the captains of the chariots saw Jehoshaphat, that they said, Surely it is the king of Israel. And they turned aside to fight against him: and Jehoshaphat cried out. 
1Ki 22:33  And it came to pass, when the captains of the chariots perceived that it was not the king of Israel, that they turned back from pursuing him. 
1Ki 22:34  And a certain man drew a bow at a venture, and smote the king of Israel between the joints of the harness: wherefore he said unto the driver of his chariot, Turn thine hand, and carry me out of the host; for I am wounded. 
1Ki 22:35  And the battle increased that day: and the king was stayed up in his chariot against the Syrians, and died at even: and the blood ran out of the wound into the midst of the chariot. 
1Ki 22:36  And there went a proclamation throughout the host about the going down of the sun, saying, Every man to his city, and every man to his own country. 
1Ki 22:37  So the king died, and was brought to Samaria; and they buried the king in Samaria. 
1Ki 22:38  And one washed the chariot in the pool of Samaria; and the dogs licked up his blood; and they washed his armour; according unto the word of the LORD which he spake. 
1Ki 22:39  Now the rest of the acts of Ahab, and all that he did, and the ivory house which he made, and all the cities that he built, are they not written in the book of the chronicles of the kings of Israel? 
1Ki 22:40  So Ahab slept with his fathers; and Ahaziah his son reigned in his stead. 

What can GOD do with a prophet who prophesies against Ahab the Israelite and Ben-Hadad of Damascus in coalition of 12 rulers that fought against Assyrian forces at Qaragr on the Orontes River in 853. According to the Assyrian records, Ahab contributed 2,000 chariots [4,00 chariot wheels and drivers] and 10,000 foot soldiers to the allied forces. Assyrian claims of victory appear exaggerated since they withdrew and did not venture weswtard again for four years.

“For three years there was no war between Aram (Armenians) and Israel. But in the third year Jehoshaphat king of Judah went down to see the King of Israel. The King of Israel, [AHAB] had said to his officials, “Don’t you know that Ramoth Gilead belongs to us and yet we are doing nothing to retake it from the king of Aram?”

[Israel was divided into two kingdoms. The Northern Kingdom was called Israel, their ruling king was Ahab, who is well known with his Queen Jezebel, who had previously stolen a grapevineyard and killed Naboth the owner, to make her husband Ahab happy, because Ahab coveted the vineyard. The Southern Kingdom was called Judah, where Jerusalem is today.

When it says, THE KING OF JUDAH JEHOSHAPHAT “went down” from Jerusalem to the north to see THE KING OF ISRAEL, the Northern Kingdom had made an alliance with 12 other kingdoms, which God did not approve. Ahab lost the land God had given to THE SLAVES HE HAD BROUGHT OUT OF EGYPT. ]

TODAY: You can stand on Megiddo, on the hill overlooking the valley of Jezreel, and you can image MICHAIAH THE PROPHET OF THE LORD, being sent to go against the will of the kings. THE VALLEY OF DECISION is coming to each of us individually, as we judge ourselves, worthy or UNWORTHY to be called SINNERS and greatly in NEED OF SALVATION based on the DEATH OF OUR KING JESUS, and the LIFE OF OUR RISEN SAVIOUR.

TODAY: The battle lines are drawn around a “new area” granted to the JEWS, who crucified JESUS and claimed, “HIS BLOOD BE UPON OUR HEAD THE HEADS OF OUR CHILDREN.”

Since 9-11-2001 the .3 percent of the NATION CALLED ISRAEL were Christians. TODAY 30,000 of the 90,000 inhabitants of modern day Israel are called Christians, because they have found THEIR MESSIAH PROPHESIED in the OLD TESTAMENT are in the NEW TESTAMENT.

the ONE FOR ISRAEL are Jews who found CHRIST COMING in the Old Testament and they can speak to the Orthodox Jews, who still wish to claim, “they want the blood of Jesus to be upon the heads of their children and grandchildren.”

WHY A THIRD PART of Modern day people in the land called ISRAEL want to be connected to THE SOURCE OF HIS POWER, LOVE, FORGIVENESS AND SALVATION…is NO LONGER A MYSTERY TO ME. FOR SALVATION COMES FROM THE JEWS. And what about this carpenter’s son, that makes us want to cry for joy?




HOW DID THE MYSTERY OF THE KING AND QUEEN OF ISRAEL come to be opened and reread to me, because I KNOW there are CHRISTIANS out there, who DO KNOW THE STORY OF THE RISE AND FALL OF THE KINGDOM OF ISRAEL, the northern kingdom, when it fell.


THE NATIONAL MOMUMENT AT MEGGIDO is where ELIJAH killed the FALSE PROPHETS, than ran for his life, because the Queen Jezebel wanted him dead.




Read the truth in I Kings 22 . . .like I did when I OPENED MY BIBLE

“Har” means mountain “Tel” Megiddo, is archeological site of the ancient city known as the home of Ahab and Jezebel. 1Ki_18:20 Ahab sent for the Israelis and brought the prophets together at Mount Carmel.