“Therewith bless we God, even the Father; and therewith curse we men, which are made after the similitude of God.” James 6:9

Jesus had nothing but good, to say about His Father. Those who are made after the image of God

Curiosity is a good thing in the right hands! We are made to wonder, ask, and supply answers to our questions, that provide a mind to time to figure out...if we want to stay here or go out space to land called Heaven?
Curiosity is a good thing in the right hands! We are made to wonder, ask, and supply answers to our questions, that provide a mind  time to figure out…if we want to stay here or go out there…in space to a land called Heaven?

the Father, we may not curse!

This is the blessing! All who come in the Name of The Father, giving Him respect and dignity for His Kingdom Truth, purchased by the death of His Son, rely on evidence, the devil desires to destroy. .  .without thought or care, for the welfare of anyone but himself.

This created being from heaven, turned rogue. This image, of God, became corrupt. And God must disassemble any being, who challenges The Creator, of all things, who puts his foot on the head of God or his Sons and Daughters. Satan has thought to cut, “the heel” of God, but the promise made to Adam, Eve and Satan was:

“And the LORD God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life: Gen 3:15  And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.”  (Genesis 3:15-16)

THEREFORE: Bless God Your Creator, Your Lord! Curse the beast, the enemy of God, the angel and his followers, who think to change the times and  Laws of a Holy God, from His Holy Place in Heaven.  Your FREEDOM purchased by the blood of God’s Son, gives you a blessing or curse determined by who you worship and bow down too. The choice is best that brings rest to your souls and peace of mind, by being kind to one, who died to set you free from slavery to soul, or spirit, that chains you to bow down and worship.

Never-the-less the Victory goes to the Son of Man, riding The White Horse. In the few months remaining before the final crisis, and 7th plague of 100 pound balls of hail, remember how Pharaoh hardened his heart! God will unveil His wrath and revenge on those who mock, His Son and Disciples, like the Jews mocked Jesus and placed a curse on their own people. . .Then the Jews mocked Stephen, and stoned him, the son sent to defend Jesus and His Kingdom of Truth, was dead. And the people fled to the mountains!

The earth will shake, the cities of the coast filled with sailors drunken from their wealth, will fall. Those warned to get out of the cities, may not have time to get in a line of cars, wanting to get away from a place where the plagues stay to destroy those who destroy His Kingdom.

Forewarned but who will listen? Who will see in Jesus, an innocent Jew from Nazareth? A bastard child, a mother pregnant before her marriage, a friend of prostitutes, a man who bugged the priests, and seemed to set fire, to the teachings of the wise, by making remarks about how they treat their wives.

Why now?  Why wait? Why pray it will go away, the prophecy of 9-11-2001, that was to wake up the SAINTS…and see that Revelation 18 is open and Revelation 8:8,9 has been a way to mock, the children, who learned the symbols, and revealed, 9-11-2001, in New York City, the place where buildings, melted like pitch, and firemen could not put out the fire!  Had God not stepped in, just one Tower, not melting like pitch, but falling over, would quickly multiply the deaths and destruction, planned by Lucifer. . .when given permission . . .When the God of the Old Testament said, “They rebel against me, they vex my spirit, So I will turn and become, their enemy! I will fight against them.” Isaiah 63:10. And you think you want God for your “enemy?”  Lucifer didn’t seem to say or think, of the possibility, that he would sink to such levels of sin, that it would take, to glorify HIMSELF…and find he could not get Jesus to sin. There was no desire in Jesus, to love in a way, that would come between he and His Father.

Honor Thy Father and Mother: Trust begins at home, when a son and daughter, treats their Mother and Father, with respect and dignity out of LOVE!  Gods Throne, Gods Family, His traits are wrapped up in Law, Love and unity, that produces joy, patience, kindness with a kind of freedom, creativity, to enjoy a good joke. However, when the relationship is marred . . .its hard to restore the unity. Even the slightest taint of climbing to a higher rung, above the one, we love. . .can cause pain.

Thus, with peace, joy, Jesus in sight, with a heavenly background with no blight, disease, fights or war, there are be a playful jest, a game of with no winner and no looser. Justice wins and fun begins! You have enough time to create a snake with wings that fly by, with colors that sing, and bees that buzz a tune. There’s room, there’s space. . .there is no race to finish first. . .in a timeless place, where it is ok, to wait for tomorrow to come! And tomorrow, never comes, the Son is the light, there is no night!

What Lucifer began, could never be explained, without God creating man, to help Satan plan, his great escape…but where can Satan go? With an attitude of ingratitude to the one who made him?

The SILENCE IN HEAVEN…was for moment!  Then the party in heaven began. They crowned Jesus King, began to sing, and then started over again. They watch, they see, the final victory of Jesus, as Michael and his angels, stream out of their places, to reach the ears of those who hear, their angels! Voices? Yes! Audible? Yes! Seemingly out of the air, he heard, “Don’t go in there!”  That young man who never knew, God gave him a guardian angel!

Holy Spirit? Will we forget? Will we hear it? The voice of truth? Will we regret, we knew the finger, on the hand of Jesus, would write His Law by the Holy Spirit on our hearts of flesh?  (Jeremiah 31:33) And when we see THE LAW OF GOD, written by His own hand, will we be able to explain….how it came to be changed? By a man?

TRUTH must come out of hiding…and He did….HE was take into heaven. . .again! The sign Pilate wrote in every language of the day, would come to say, Here is your King, The King of the Jews!  The King who walked with Enoch, spoke to Elijah, sailed with Peter, walked on water, raised Lazarus and said, “Even if one would be raised from the dead. . .these priests would not believe what I said!”  Lazarus alive, was enough to frighten the living! ! ! What if this crazy kid, would get a following and tear down the law and order of Moses and the prophets? What kind of man would not stone a woman, caught in adultery?  Thinking to change the times and laws of God, was curse from Daniel! Blasphemy against God, was not the problem.   It was getting caught!  Pointing fingers at others. . .to hide the truth…the men of God….were leading people astray. . .the men in cloth. . .had forget to humble themselves and pray. . .

The story of the Whale and Jonah, was about a missionary, not wanting to see GOD humble the Assyrians of Nineveh!  In 40 days, the King of Assyria…had put on sackcloth, covered the cattle with sackcloth, could it be he saw what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah?  Why cover the cows? If sulfur on fire came down? Why cover themselves with sackcloth, if they had not seen the city they traded with, in white ashes, as they passed the lady made of salt on their trade route?

Forgetting the past, and looking forward to the future. . .it is BRIGHT….like LIGHT from the most powerful source we know. . .that can turn people into ashes. Then you know, and never forget. . .the look of His face. . .his eyes of fire…that can read your thoughts, know your mind, and regretting you wandered away from His protective Power!

THIS STRANGE ACT…by an angel named Michael who fought Lucifer and threw him from heaven, will never regret, again, for ending the source of all sin…and placing all sins forgiven…on the HEAD OF AN EVIL ANGEL who got more angry every day, when his revenge was fueled against God!

Satan was faced with a perfect planet, fish, birds, sky, and the way he ran it….purposely…would require….a way to make, man bow down to him.  Because no one in their right mind, would bow down to be a slave to a bully! So Satan learned the weakness of man, without a wife, wife without a man, children without parents, and parents without God, and splinters flew right and left, until Satan divided and conquered.

And now we see, what is left. Broken homes, and broken people, lonely men, women and children, offended by the chaos they see, but somehow knowing, this is not the way…it should be!

Sit here…a moment. . .to reflect on what’s best!  Taking a screw out of machine, or putting it back in,  before it falls apart? We’ve been good at disassembling GOOD! Evil we’ve tasted, smelled and lusted for, until someone is thrown out the door. Between to extremes, there is an area of gray. . .with a wandering eye, passing away, of time and space. But here below, there comes an end…the reality of not beginning again, no do overs, no make over, that will make me, what I have been as youth.

THEN: before blinking an eye, I smile! It has been a while, since I was ten. But those years are remembered best, the fun of a little pest, a sister a brother, with fluffy blade a grass, messing around like a bug on my leg…or playing with flashlights on the garage wall. Will it be fun to be a kid again? Be ten or twelve and never grow old, or thinking of ways to act bold, or silly, or sing or ride, or slide or wiggle down a hill to a stream? Could be the best years of our life, are just around a corner, in the blink of an eye?

BLINK: Try it! What year was the best year of your life? When slow in the car, meant you didn’t want to get home so fast, you wanted the ride to last! You took the turn to get the view from the hill, and paused to see the moon, playing between the clouds, then looked down the road, you knew so well, and there was dog, waging his tail, hearing the car and looking up the trail, for you to come home!

It’s hard to know, what it is He has made for us, in our colors, in our heart, a place to….well…what do we do in a house or mansion? When the food is hanging on the trees, and there is night no need to rest, so, what do we need in a house? When you figure that out…let me know!

I’m dreaming I know. I’m smiling too. Bet you would like to know, what I’d like to do!!  There is someone who needs to have me…mess up their hair! There is someone who needs a water bath if they wander under my tree. But most likely the springs will have a flow…to a lake, below, and there is no end of charades to play in the water of life!

Forgive me for thinking…life is too short…when life begins with ending here…in a place we can be kids again!  Before the years of planing to retire. . .who knows well…the time spent…planing on an event of death like a man can? How can I inspire . . .thought of a desire. . .to say I CAN, I CAN AGAIN, float down the slope with the greatest of ease,  young man, young woman, on feet not skis? Tumble and do cartwheels like you, because in the air, there is no stumbling there! Swinging from vine to vine, we have the time! Making monkey faces to monkeys who hand us bananas, that will be fine! Leave me to my dreaming, and scheming what I can do for you…and what color of sunshine…do you see over there, on that flower, that smells like blue…something new?

Don’t let this rhyme finish in time for worry or fret! This is the country God made with no regrets!  This is time, to recline, to think, to love, to watch to hope, for the SIGN OF HIS COMING!

No ill will to any man, created in the image of God! GOD CAN…and will remove the blemish of sin from your skin, by just ending the chaos, and the author of sin. DUMB DUMB DUMB DUMB! THE PLAN…tolls the bells for hell…a place to end, like ashes send the blackest trees to begin again! But won’t we want a front row seat, when we might be given a chance, to speak…something into existence, with God’s permission, to create a vision…he shares with your making…because its not being THE CREATOR…but honoring His wisdom, that makes it possible for us, to be in Heaven.

God Bless all men, women and children who call on the name of the Lord!

May His face shine upon you, and give you peace!