Conscientious Objector wins The Medal of Honor by saving His Platoon

WWII Conscience Objectors to war, entered into the reality of being bullied, used and in sailing overseas, my father and his brother, were called to clean up the vomit. Their lowly position, working in the medic tent behind the scenes in India. . . .meant they were the last to return home.

Desmon Doss is more than a photo, he was a personal friend of my parents in Denver. Mother was quick to remind me, she played “the stork” in his wife’s baby shower. . . I can only imagine Mother standing on one leg, with a big beak…holding a tray of tiny folded diapers, with one tiny safety pin…to offer these baby shower gifts at the door.

What happens when you are rewarded for being a good medic? For carrying the wounded off the field, or washing the ambulance like Uncle Dale did? Or examine blood samples in the medic tent?

Recently my son’s friend Jonathan enlisted in the Navy, his intellect placed him in logistics. . . with his gift of photographic memory. . .he was a perfect fit.

The “war” and “rumors of war” remind me of my own Mother, waiting three years to see Manford, who would be introduced to his son, he had never met. Mom was pregnant when he left. And Franklin saw the pictures and at the Denver Union Depot he said, “That’s my daddy.”

The feelings they had, the sacrificing for the war effort, the rationing of sugar, gas, and shortage of foods, they understood, in their day. We were fighting for FREEDOM. . .in those days . . . and now we are facing the extinction of FREEDOM. . . .in our day . . . with backlash from those who wanted their “states rights” to own slaves. A mental war against a war that has already been fought?

GOD freed the slaves from the Pharaoh, and for all mankind, to not have to bow down to “a man.” . . .” or government” for us to just live within the boundaries of the law. . . which seems to be stretching into a web of words . . . used to dilute our freedom of speech.

We came to America as pilgrims fleeing the Holocaust of WW II. . .to open the gates of the concentration camps. . .to free mankind from a church/state union.

Have we lost sight of a Holy God who made us all in His Image? Or has something else replaced the “man” who wishes just to be free?

Thou shalt have no other gods before me. . . is the man who purchased your freedom, on Calvary. Jesus the KING OF THE JEWS, came to be Christ who purchased OUR FREEDOM, by the blood of the LAMB, who has the power to “recreate” all who find “HIS HOLY SPIRIT” the attraction.

What did Jesus do to receive the punishment of the cross? He dared to say, “I am the son of God.” “I am a king.”

I have to stifle a laugh here, for we are called THE SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF A KING, who fought this war before, who PURCHASED OUR PARDON. . . dare we say, “WE ARE THE SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF GOD?”

YES! WE DO SAY, and we are, the humbled sons and daughters of GOD, who no longer wish to see our SAVIOUR die for our sins…we would rather obey, “than sacrifice” the LIFE of the one who looks into our hearts, to forgive. . .the repenting sinner.

I know I feel unworthy to be chosen or called to a mission. . .and be a missionary. No one is WORTHY. . .except JESUS CHRIST. . .to be OUR SAVIOUR. . .and take us up to heaven. . .to be among THE CHOSEN. . .the misfits, Moses the murderer, Abraham the husband of two wives, and Joseph the favored son, sold into slavery, or Jesus Christ, the strange son, of a young woman, who was not married.

I can list the misfits in the Bible, but GOD arranged for us to see ourselves, as we are. . .human and in need of a Saviour. He knew our inability to conceive the idea of being HOLY, being separate, yet not being able to be PERFECT…in every way. . . the cost of humbling one self my own self, seems to be degrading. . . and on my knees. . . below the cross. . . I see He has suffered enough. . .and we have made our decision to follow Him. . .or not.

I am not as straight-laced as you think…I too am human and in need of a Saviour! I have to remind myself to Praise the Lord . . . I have work to do. . .places to be, people to greet, and pages to pass out today, to invite the city to The Serpentine Prophecy series of lectures.

And a garden that needs to be finished with a few more seeds.

God Bless Have a good day!