They Constantly Ascend and Descend Heaven’s Ladder

“And he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven; and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it. ” Genesis 28:12

I don’t mind if read and reread about this speck of a world, the heavenly universe manifests the greatest interest in. Yet we come in contact with the busy activity of our cities, we mingle with the multitude in the crowded thoroughfares, we enter marts of trade and walk the streets; and through all, from morning till evening, the people act as if business, sport, and pleasure were all there is to life, —as if this world were all there is to occupy the mind. How few contemplate the unseen agencies!

All heaven is intensely interested in the human beings who are so full of activity, and yet have no thought for the unseen. . .Sometimes the heavenly intelligence’s draw aside the curtain that hides the unseen world, that our minds may be withdrawn from the hurry and rush, and consider that there are witnesses to all we do and say, when engaged in business, or when we think ourselves alone. . .

These heavenly beings are ministering angels, and they frequently disguise themselves in the form of human beings, and as strangers converse with those who are engaged in the work of God. In lonely places they have been the companions of the traveler in peril. In tempest-tossed ships they have spoken words to allay fear and inspire hope in the hour of danger. Many, under the different circumferences, have listened to the voices of the leaders of armies. They have eaten at the humble board of families, and often have they appeared as weary travelers in need of shelter for the night. . .

Heavenly angels are co-operating with us in every good work, and thus earth is connected with heaven.

When I copy words written before my time by a woman who got up to write the words her angel gave her, and I think of the old rocking chair where her angel sat, to share and answer her questions, it brings me much peace of mind. Who has know these thoughts before me? What words would I ask my angel? How can I not but help to wish for kind words, to be given to me? And my questions compel me to seek these answers, after being riveted to the open trial of another human being, the President of the United States of America.

The seriousness of the hour grips my heart with a holy fear of who I follow. I have been compared to one who prostitutes herself to her GOD and I see that as a compliment, but saying “I am a Christian” and acting like one is something much harder to achieve.

Daniel and his three Hebrew friends found themselves in chaos and confusion in Babylon. On the plains of Babylon the lament of the Jews were about hanging their harps on the trees by the river. They could not sing and dance with joy to celebrate their plight of being captives in a foreign land. And the angels wept with them, as they begin to realize they had brought this curse upon themselves. The wandering Jews, with their violins, celebrations, food and dancing like the fiddler on the roof continue to mount the evidence of souls wishing for the day God would take them away to a Tree of Life, a heaven, beyond the stars, to land of endless days.

My grief is knowing how many people are hurting because they see good and they see evil. And in the “old age” of being with seniors, eating with seniors, watching the dates with the doctors come more often, the calendar slips by day by month then year. And we have nothing to fear for the future, except we forget how God has led us in the past.

May you gain the wisdom of your peers and find peace of mind at last for just. . .today.

Back to the days when Noah began a New Civilization from humble beginnings in Turkey

Unique to scripture are the symbols connected with the parables off Jesus

From the humble beginnings of life as those who survived The Flood, began to trickle down from the Mountains of Ararat we have the family of Noah. It’s a strange encounter with GOD designing a giant ship to transport pairs of animals with Noah and his family, to a new beginning on a landscape destroyed by the ravages of our earth being one year underwater.

The accounts of a world wide flood have tempted man into asking, “What made the Grand Canyon?” and “Where did life begin?”

Twenty years ago we could not ask the question, “Are their other signs of “life” beyond our planet.” Just nineteen years ago, another alien who lived on earth, walked with man, left an embedded message like a note found a bottle that washed upon the shores of America.

One thousand, nine hundred and twenty five years ago in A.D. 95 The Prophet, Jesus of Nazareth, born in Bethlehem, whose birth brought a new perspective to the word, HOLY, SACRED and JUSTIFIED.

Today, if you can image 7 angels moving out of heaven with an “old” message written in a day for year, prophetic “time” caused Bible students to pause and consider the ancient city off BABYLON again.

Daniel stands up to explain the dream of King Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 2. A great image of a man, with a head of gold, a chest of silver, a thigh of mixed metals that made brass, and last a kingdom like iron shows the rise and fall of Kingdoms we now call: Babylon, Persia, Greece and the two legs of Rome: One a nation devoted to worship of the gods, the other a Holy Roman Empire with worship to a man.

Recently Iran has opened the ancient sites of Persia, to show the wide extent of days when Daniel began to rise to power because of his ability to save the the Empire from false prophets and pride men eager to destroy the king and run his affairs.

With GODS KINGDOM with its guests of seen and unseen angels ready to do His bidding “if” we ask, and Satan and his seen and unseen angels ready to “destroy” we have GOD as our witness, that we now know good and evil.

Rev 9:11 And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon. (Some Bibles do have the name for Satan in English. It is the same in Hebrew and Greek. Satans name is THE DESTROYER in Revelation 9:11

On 9-11-2001 GODS SON, PROVED, HE IS WORTHY, to OPEN THE 7th and final “seal” on that 7 “sealed” scroll, when Daniel would be opened, in the last of the LAST DAYS.

This book is dedicated to every prophet who went before us, to study and search the scriptures daily to find the HOPE FOR OUR WORLD.

The two words that were taught a handful of children that are Bible Symbols created in 95 A. D. when “waters” becomes a “sea of humanity” with people, multitudes of people, languages, and mixed nations in Revelation 17:15.

When the 7 angels departed from Heaven in the constellation Orion, the sets of telescopes began to pick up a “wave” of signals. This “image” of “nothing” creating disturbances in the heavens has been called an “imaginary” ….unknown….Planet X.

With God and His angels capable of being unseen and still possess “weight” that can make planets orbit in circles while moving in space, gives scientists a change to explore for more.

While humans below detest “chaos” and”confusion” The Prophet Jesus designed a human sacrifice, would ultimately be the final need for any “sacrificial” lamb to be slain.

If I were to ask you, a vegetarian living in Heaven, “Would like to “sacrifice” the pets of God, so you could eat them?” Would you consider “sacrificing” a cow, goat or pig?

Now consider the fate of Cain, when he loved the lambs who followed him around heaven like your pet dog? Why would you not want the neighbor to eye your pet “dog” as their next choice of food? GOD knew men would find the blood of the beasts strangely satisfying. So the death of Cain, the first born to Adam and Eve, also included the “death” of human being.

Without a doubt, we have overlooked the “feelings” of Cain for his beloved pets. And it comes as a “disturbing” fact, to see men, wish to drain the blood of lamb, to “be cleansed from all unkind, unrighteous deeds and thoughts.”

However to some who have become numb with joy in eating meat, to others the thought of killing their pet, is disturbing. And when the “sacrificial lamb” came from “symbol” to “reality” in 31 A.D. with the death of Jesus Christ, its image is distasteful to many today.


The yearly “cleansing” of the “hearts and minds” of Jews on Yom Kipper, ended with a delightful release of “Satan” the one chosen by lots, to escape punishment, and sent out to roam in the Arabia…or desert is a fitting ending to how God is now placing “the sins we confess” on the HEAD OF THE DEVIL. Satan now knows his end is near. He goes around like a roaring lion, who wishes to “eat” the souls he has held captive by his evils of destroying our brains to “not think”.

When you confess “your sins” GOD is faithful to forgive you from all unrighteousness.

So, let’s CONFESS…there are things we do not want to do, or say and we wish to let GOD KNOW, He can put those evil temptations that Satan has put into our heads, on the HEAD OF THE SCAPEGOAT, who is heading for a bath in the hot pressed burning volcanoes of the earth.

More tomorrow the Lord willing and creek don’t rise…connie over and out. unedited and you can critique to your hearts desire. Your comments are welcome here.