THE SECOND COMING OF JESUS: in the clouds, with judgment.

second coming of Jesus, with judgment
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An earthquake marked the hour when Christ laid down His life, and another earthquake witnessed the moment when He took it up in triumph.  He who had vanquished death and the grave came forth from the tomb with the tread of a conqueror, amind the reeling of the earth, the flashing of lightning, and the roaring of thunder.When He shall come to the earth again, He will shake “not the earth only, but also heaven.” “The earth shall rell to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed  like a cottage.”  “The heavens shall be rolled together as a scroll;” :the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.”  But “the Lord will be the hope of His people, and the strength of the children of Israel.”  Heb. 12:26; Isaiah 24:20, 34: 4 2 Peter 3:10; Joel 3:16. Joe_3:17; Eze_48:35; Rev_21:3

Physical evidence of the earthquake remains today, as far away as the ancient site of Qumran where the original books of Isaiah and others were found. Never before have we had such physical evidence of the life and death of Jesus with the enemy of God wishing for travelers to not go and bring wealth to Israel.

HOLY WEEK: This week: Again the path from the Mount of Olives overlooking “The Temple Mount” down the slope, past the ancient olive trees, the cave where Jesus met with his disciples, the Tombs of Saints, waiting with HOPE for the HOLY ONE TO APPEAR AGAIN, this time “IN THE CLOUD” and drawing His Sons and Daughters up to His House, and to the NEW JERUSALEM and its GARDEN OF EDEN and the TREE OF LIFE.

The Cloud, The Space, the clouds, the signs in sky, sea, land and air all take our visions beyond the earth to stare into the starry night. And like the artists, we see dimly now, the “light” of our Lord, his birth, his lowly life, his friends wishing for an EARTHLY KINGDOM ….that cannot begin without JUDGMENT…towards those who would continue TO DESTROY.

And this division between those who would destroy, and those who cringe at the power of men to destroy the earth, with four bombs rightly placed, would crack the surface of the earth. And what more could the devil delight in…putting “fear” of God, rather than “cheer” for God to return and end the “temptations of the devil” to DESTROY THE EARTH!

We have come this far, by “evolution” if you please….and it seems “man” has taken “steps downward” towards self destruction, and HOPE remains, that there IS A GOD WHO CARES, and is CAPABLE of destroying the evil one and his power lead us into temptation!

The MAN CAVE, the men dragging children, men and women into SLAVERY – into submission to their plans, sickens me, when the devil points an ugly finger at JESUS…THE GOD, who plans and can destroy the “evil angels”….with our LOYALTY TO ONE WHO KNOWS THE HEARTS, and MINDS of the CHILDREN OF GOD and children of man.

Who do I say that I am? I am a child of God, knowing HIS COMING is the GREATEST POSSIBLE SOLUTION to END HIS CONFLICT, with the angel, who began “this rebellion” against His love, patience and kindness, in NOT DESTROYING THE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE HE CREATED….but place Lucifer and his angels…ON THIS PLANET, so the other intelligent worlds of people….can see the EVIDENCE FOR A CREATOR!

Even Stephen Hawkins realized, the DANGER of releasing Artificial Intelligence into the world. Who would program “morality” into a robot? How would the robot know, who to destroy and who to save?

TAKE THE CHIP? So the robots will know who to save and who to destroy? OR….Have the “mark” of salvation read plain as day…”I AM SAVED BY THE BLOOD OF THE CREATOR, WHO MADE HIMSELF, to be like a lamb, like your favorite pet, a “dumb” animal. And if you do not have a pet lamb, pet dog, pet cat, or bird then what kind of LOVE can have for Your Creator?

THE MARK on the doors, even today in Egypt, the hands painted red, than pressed on the doorways, express “THE WAY” the “the Hebrew slaves” saved their “first born.”  Can you see the death of Jesus Christ, makes a way for you to love Him or leave Him?

Is Jesus just a dog for you kick out of the house, or is He your friend, defending your right to life, to live, to be just the way He made you?

I too have asked the question, “Why are my fingers crooked like my dads?”  “Why don’t I have the face of an angel?” “Why is my  big toe so short and stubby?” “Why do look more like fat grandma Ordelheide?” “Why are my brother and sisters so lovely?”

And after many years of being with such a talented family…I can see the danger of being too good looking. Beauty can beguile the beholder. And the face of Jesus, left with scars will be the “reminder” of mystery of godliness. When our creator made himself to the “the sacrifice” “the HUMAN SACRIFICE” when He places “all the sins of the world” upon “his own head.” The creator who made Lucifer, did not want to destroy, his most accomplished “work of art.”

How could such a “beautiful” creature, with a beautiful voice, with gems embedded in its making, become such a powerful tool of eager ambition, and wanting to rule the universe? Will Sophia become “our God?”  Or have we reached the place of “creating” our own “slaves?”

And have THE CREATORS of SOPHIA, died with an idea of what a monster they have made?