JESUS? What Does Jesus Mean To You? Be specific.

“Now the birth of Jesus Christ was on this wise: When as his mother Mary was espoused to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child of the Holy Ghost. (Matthew 1:18)

Farmer's have two seasons: Before Harvest and After Harvest. However, they never do harvest by themselves, it takes more than combine to move the grain to market.
Farmer’s have two seasons: Before Harvest and After Harvest. However, they never do harvest by themselves, it takes more than a combine to move the grain to market.

A farmer’s kid from South Dakota asked a small group of farmers to “Be specific: Intentionally write down on a piece of paper who Jesus is.

Lacking formal training in this area, given no restraints with my child like mind, I was shocked at what I wrote.

“He is big – All Knowing. All Powerful, He can read my mind.  He has suffered, so I know he understands suffering.  He is creative – so He created creative people.  He loves people – So He hates to be rejected. When I cry – He cries. When I laugh, He laughs too.  When I have a question – His Words have His Answers. When I am afraid – He is not! When I give up – He doesn’t! When I pray – He listens. When I sing – He sings too. When He sees a roadkill – He cares for sparrows that fall. When He creates a sunset or sunrise – He does it just for me! He has a sense of humor – He made a moose. When he made me – He threw away the mold. There is only one Jesus – but He knows everyone.  He is a class act! He cares! He doesn’t make junk! This is my story~

What does Jesus mean to you? Be specific.

In the verse above. Jesus was part human and part Holy Spirit. So it would seem logical to seek the Holy Spirit in larger quantities. But then, we might come to comprehend His suffering, when he was rejected by family and friends.

When first asked, “What does Jesus mean to you?” My answer was, “My King.” But perhaps I need to define, specifically who my King is? I could go on and one about My Shepherd, My angel, My all knowing, all powerful, El Shaddi, Adoni, Healer, Friend, High respected one. But what keeps me ticking, is that “life” in me, reaching out to be confirmed, as your sister in the faith, in your words, do you know my Jesus?

However, its very easy to describe my Jesus, by His Law! He is God. He has my total respect and dignity, so I don’t use the word “Jesus” unless I mean to honor His name. I don’t want anything to come between me and my Jesus, so I do not want to bow down to man or woman or idol. I have deepest respects for a Creator, who creates in six days, than settles down to rest, and enjoy His Created beings, animals, grass, water, flowers, birds, mountains, valleys, rivers, with His family. Yes, He loves to be the greatest in My Kingdom, He has earned my respect and dignity for wanting to be my Bridegroom. Yes, I do not want to steal anything that belongs to Him. He does in fact own everything I have, it does belong to Him. Yes, I do not want to show disrespect for His love to me, so I bare witness to honor Him above all men. Yes, I honor my parents, for showing me God’s creation and love for all He does to show us His love for us in the colors he uses to paint the sunrise and sunset!  My parents showed us nature by getting us out together in nature. I don’t think we ever thought of “coveting,” what did not belong to us. Everything belongs to God.  But perhaps the Aspens that were crowding each other out, should not be thinned, so they can grow, and those taken out, should not have shown up on my Mother’s garden by the cabin. She did sort of covet, having part of the scenery around her, closer to her cabin. But, her desire to line up the rocks, and have the trees pruned into balls and squares, was bit much. lol

You see I do define Jesus by His Laws. I just put the Ten Commandments up as they look in the acts of Jesus. How can I covet what you have? Everything you have belongs to Jesus too.  If I need a cup, or spoon, Jesus can find one. He’s pretty good at feeding the birds. He see’s me too.

The experience in being specific about what Jesus means to me, was the best time I’ve had in long time at church! I got to be child again! I got to be creative! I had a voice! I had freedom of speech. In fact, I got a new life! I got to talk about my favorite friend!

I don’t want Jesus to walk away from me! I don’t want Him to reject me! So I defend His honor and his name! Because He loves you too! He died for both of us, all of us, no matter the color! People are dying “to defend” Him. . . but who will then have voice to honor His name?

I think this question has caused me to have an Epiphany? Never having used that words before, I looked it up. Epiphany “vision of God” Yes, I have this vision of God, by seeing Jesus. Neither God or Jesus can change. Their characters are reflected in His Law, so that makes G-d trust worthy. I know what He wants out me. He wants me to love Him, for where He has had to take me, to become humble enough, to bow down at His feet.  To serve Him out of love, not out of duty.