“Come unto Me, all ye that labor and are heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.”

The most read author in the world, has spoken to the World. How can His burden be easy and His yoke light?

Knowingly, I claimed the promise, for God to refine my character in “His fiery furnace” to burn off the dross, the impurities in me. I purchased His eye salve, to see. . .what He could do with me. He gave me a vacation from THE WORLD. He put me in isolation, literally, condemned to my room, while nurses tended to my wounds, putting their lives in danger, by being in contact with Shingles.

For some reason, the woman who placed and daily and took off and washed the special white hose to prevent blood clots, was a black lady. And it bothered me to see her do my laundry as if it was something she enjoyed doing. Washing out my dirty linen. She could not be in this hospital without first being free, to do things voluntarily for me!

What can I do for her? Is thank you enough? Or is her freedom, what truly makes her happy to wait on me, a patient  in isolation with shingles?  I long for the day when she and I can be sitting in heaven, together, both free from sickness, sin, and the slavery imposed by Lucifer and his angels!