One door closes another opens~

He rides out on His White Horse

The signs of God Coming, from the Horse Head Nebula in Orion, with The Sun of Righteousness, and its galaxies, is not about a frightening GOD coming to DESTROY YOU or me. But, like the GOD who thundered, in the dark cloud, with the trumpet sound, on Mount Sinai, THE GOD, has a way of sending THE MESSAGE, I AM GOD and there is none other.

I would like to take my son and go to Jerusalem,

Where before we went to give, and not get.

Instead we asked if someone needed to be healed?

The young man showing us his ram’s horns, disappeared

He came back and said, “Follow me.”

The Money Changer at Jaffa Gate had a booth

In it sat a very large man, who could not lift up his right hand.

When he saw my son and I he said, “Massage it right here.”

Walter followed him to a chair without arms. ..

Without praying, without ado, Walter touched the area on his shoulder. . .

“I feel the heat” the Money Changer said. . .

And, he lifted his arm, it was healed,  we left

But, I had to come back to Jerusalem, and I did

Some months later, I asked him if he remembered me…

With a smile, I took his picture, waving with his right hand high…

Oh what a fool am I….the KINGDOM OF GOD HAS COME

Why are we not welcoming the GOD, who said, “You will do these miracles and more.”

I’ve never found a person in pain, who will refuse a prayer, for their suffering.


of allowing GOD TO SHOW UP…and heal…a broken hearts!

Thank you for allowing me freedom speech.

I have to smile. Yes, I did enjoy, watching GOD SHOW UP!

Why is it so hard to say, “May I pray for you?”