THE RED HORSE: A BOOK OF BIBLE SYMBOLS: This one a story of good and evil, robots and people.

Jesus calls himself a fishermen, and that is why friends, sit in a boat, it’s just a way to make frieDisney-Fisherman-Goofey-5882nds, sit, laugh, talk and hang out, eat together…with a fishing pole and net.

So, from Gods point of view, the waters of the EARTH, represent the  SEAS OF HUMANITY.

However when danger comes, with weather, volcanoes, wind and earthquakes, he points us back to Revelation 9:11 and points out who is the king of the destroyers…is the ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE….God himself created…SATAN.

When there is “destruction” it is because in Heaven, there was a “war” and the robots wanted to take over heaven, but God said, “Let me make you an earth, and the robots, about a third of the robots, took on the challenge to be smarter than THE FISHERMAN….JESUS….OUR CREATOR.

SO THEN: When you see the “work” of the destroyer…who manipulates the “weather,” and tries to blame HIS CREATOR…for everything going wrong….you can “see” there is good and there is evil.

Now all you have to do….IS THINK…..What if we had “robots” who wanted to take over our planet, and our minds, and turn us into slaves?

THEN: God would help us see the prophecy….HE MADE YEARS AGO…that “machines” might get the idea…they were smarter than THEIR CREATOR..and they might “get a mind of their own,” to take over the managment of earth…

And we’ve come full circle…of WHY WE ARE HERE…GOD CREATED A ROBOT that believed he was superior to HIS CREATOR.

HUMILITY COMES IN RIGHT HERE: Are you smarter than a robot?


CAN A ROBOT…began to do things, he has not been taught?

In a way…I am a created being…and I sometimes to do things I have not been taught….

And sometime I wish to rebel, but now I am old enough to learn by things I have suffered…like touching the “light” of candle…is HOT!

And sometimes grown ups…can’t tell me all the things I SHOULD NOT DO….

I have to “LEARN” by making “MISTAKES.”

AND GOD KNEW, you would learn, the hard way, that the devil will tempt you to “think” you are dizzy, dooppy and dumb, and that is when its time to think, if you were a ROBOT….would you like to be controlled by “a computer.”?????

Woops? Maybe what we want is “freedom of speech” and “liberty and justice for all?”

THEN: Who created this idea, THAT CREATED BEINGS, can decide for themselves…which

FISHERMEN, they wish to follow…especially if THAT IS YOUR CREATOR & MINE TOO? lol

Which “angel” will I chose to “follow”  which one will set the “bait” so I want to go back to fish with Him again?

A FRIEND….A Creator who is your best friend…has name….called Lord….MY LORD…YOUR LORD!…as long as you call on Jesus…any name will do!  He understands, what you are trying to say! Why? Because he loves you!