The Two Jews

The Circle of Life centers around the 7 eyed, 7 horned Lamb of God, with His Omnipotent insight, God could and did, foresee “the ancient prophecies” to be “repeated” because “the church” the “Lady in White” stands condemned, as Sick, Pea Green, Horse. She like any other organization, has become “lukewarm” like the waters in ancient Laodicea in Turkey.

This not hot and not cold, mesmerizing safety, deserves to be attested to the same condition in HISTORY, when Jesus was found innocent before Pilate, condemned by King Herod, jailed by the High Priest Caiaphas. There is an urgency then and now to “judge” the “teachers of the law.”

However angry we may be at the JEWS for “killing Jesus” it was prophesied in may ways and forms in around 400 ways, that Jesus would be a man of sorrows.Mocked by Pharisees, harassed by King Herod, despised for “breaking the law” in healing on Sabbath and permitting his disciples who were hungry to “separate the wheat from the chaff” and eat from the fields, on Sabbath.

We are so accustomed to think, “I would never crucify JESUS!”, “I WOULD NEVER PUT THE NAILS IN His hand.” But the very “leaders” who contended with “the faith” of Jesus, saw him as a poor man, from the wrong side of the tracks, without an education in the Schools of the Rich and famous.

The footsteps of Jesus, His kindness, His love, and His patience in dealing with a crowd eager to censure His WORDS, and find a niche to wedge Jesus away from “their superior intellect.”

The Sea of Galilee in spring was full of the red poppies, with the black center, that makes them spring more lively from the gold, blue and green waving thickets. Jesus knew His blood would be spilled. God the Father knew that Satan “thought” The Father loves Him so much, He will not permit HIS son to die.

What father, would permit His son, The Prince, His Only begotten Son, to take the risk, of representing His Government, to the death?

Image if you can today, the President of the United States of America, allowing his son to die, an horrible death, an innocent son, who voluntarily takes the “blame” your sin and mine: knowing by his death, or rather, by HIS LIFE, by HIS EXAMPLE, by HIS LEADERSHIP, Jesus has proven man can keep the law, within the boundaries of common sense.

If I had to “offer my son” or “myself” as a sacrifice, what good with that do humanity? It is not my righteousness, that saves me, there is “no good” that I can do, to save myself, or others. This “leaning on the Lord” trusting in His Spirit, loving in the kindness way of love, in giving me “FREEDOM TO CHOSE, slavery or liberty” is not about “MY COLOR” or yours!

Freedom is a state of mind.

Liberty does not allow me to misrepresent GOD as a tyrant or uncaring “destroyer.” Those qualities of destroying, do not prove we have “self” under control. Lack of “self control” represents the brain functioning under the influence of the King of the Destroyers.

Can a “chip” like a drug, remove our ability to “think” and “feel” for others? Can our own safety be jeopardized by an “implant” in our right hand or forehead? I know of one who takes marijuana for an incurable disease. Along with the blessing of relief from pain, come the feeling, “I don’t care anymore.” This blessed “state” of having “no worry”, “no feelings” is also a haven for rest. . . without the boundaries of needing to use our brains to find the answers to our mental, physical, social and spiritual insights to the pain of others.

The reality of finding peace without a conscience, is a state of lukewarm.

However, the call to service, to love, to help and not betray the one who made us, to love, feel, sufferer, taught us THIS IS LIFE, with “sin.” And to HATE LIFE, is to give up. To LIVE LIFE, is to see, hear and feel the pain of others, and to wish for GOD to END THIS CHALLENGE, about the LOVE in Keeping His Commandments.

So why are we lingering on this Earth. The last crisis is all around us, in our everyday life, as we “mask” up to “face” the reality, the plagues came to Pharaoh, with a warning. If you do as I say, “The plagues will not come near you.” Bring your cattle in, bring your shepherds into a safe hiding place, God suggested to the Pharaoh. Some of the servants of Pharaoh did listen to the warning, and they brought their goats, sheep, and shepherds in.

Those who did not heed the warning, saw the thunderstorm coming, they saw the lightning, they HEARD THE THUNDER, then the rain, and then the hard rain, then the HAIL. Then the “blood” the death of the animals, shepherds and flocks, came. Then the stench of the death and dying and bleating sheep was heard throughout the land.

If we do not heed THE WARNING, and we do not see the STORM COMING in waves of HAIL, that will destroy the proudest cities, it will not be because “WE WERE NOT WARNED.”

The final PRODUCTION of the LAST CRISIS END WITH the 7th PLAGUE OF HAIL. THE LAST GREAT EVENT in WORLD HISTORY is brewing over the oceans. But, just as GOD could OPEN THE RED SEA, and let His Children cross safely, GOD can send the HAIL in 60 pound balls, and it would be better for everyone to move out of mega cities.

When the Government of God has only TEN RULES, the LAST ONE involves our “thinking” and ability to “LOVE IT OR HATE IT.” With the additional touch, GOD will raise the two witnesses, who will have the privilege of being the first two in space without a spacesuit.

They die for 3.5 day, they come alive, and the one who brings FIRE DOWN FROM HEAVEN, is the ANTICHRIST. The one who HATES GOD, and wishes to be WORSHIPPED, knows the FINAL CONFLICT is about the LAW, THE GOVERNMENT OF HEAVEN, and that is why this Pope, along with the others, have directed “our thinking” in ways we could NOT IMAGE…as so many “worship” on the FIRST DAY OF CREATION. . .and the Pope gathered those around him, and blessed the theory of EVOLUTION. If there is NO GOD, THERE IS NO LAW. IF there is NO GOD, than this “man” who can do miracles, and can raise the dead, HE CANNOT TAKE YOU TO HEAVEN.

This is the MIRCLE OF THE AGES, THE MYSTERY OF GODLINESS, the MYSTERY OF TIME, given for Lucifer to prove her theory, that “she” a created being, is SUPERIOR to her CREATOR.

The Israel Temple Institute proves the two angels, on the ARK OF THE COVENANT, are male and female. Why we have called LUCIFER “he” is Biblical. However the High Priests, who viewed the MOST HOLY ARK OF THE TESTAMENT OF GOD, could see the differences between the male and female angels on the LOST ARK.

Not only that, the Temple Institute says, there are four angels guarding the Ark of the Covenant. Their names are Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael. One would wonder if Michael the angel was also the man who painted the Sistine Chapel, but that is only speculation. One would wonder if Raphael was also on earth as a human and created the visions we would need to see the conflict between good and evil.

The eyes of the WORLD are turning to the GOOD BOOK, where heroes are found, to lose the battle, and WIN THE WAR. There is nothing new under the sun, the sadness of our “weakness” in trying to “change the times and laws” of an all knowing, all seeing, all loving GOD, makes us cringe with guilt, and hide with fear, for He can read our MINDS.

And may the DAY COME, that YOUR SINS ARE CONFESSED, before you see the BRIGHTNESS OF HIS COMING, that begins with BLACK AND OMNIOUS CLOUD, that seems to come like a “mountain on fire” ready to DESTROY EARTH, but as it gets closer, you can hear the ANGELS SING, you can HEAR THE VOICE OF HAPPINESS IT BRINGS, but on the base of the BLACK CLOUD seems to be ON FIRE….and some will RUN to the MOUNTAIN to hide, and others will stand up and say, “THIS IS MY GOD.”

No matter who you are, or what color you wear, the decision to repent and cease from sin, requires “self control.” I don’t know if those who “take the chip” can RESIST, the JOY OF SEEING SOMEONE WHO LOVES YOU, very much coming your way. He/She comes with the perfect peace of knowing “a number of 7000 will die with brightness of his coming” in Revelation 11.

I pray you have healthy FEAR and RESPECT for THE FINAL WARNING is coming, with a kind of SURPRISE, when you see THE MYSTERY OF GOD is COMPLETED, with taking two sinners from EARTH, into HIS CLOUD OF ANGELS, back to HEAVEN, for an engagement party, called the Marriage of the Lamb to the Bride.

What a BOOK, WHAT A BEGGINING, as GOD creates a DROP OF WATER and a PERFECT WORLD, is brought from the nucleus, and the devil is there stomping his feet, because he will have to destroy THE GARDEN OF EDEN ON EARTH, in order to BUILD his MANSIONS and the TOWERS OF BABYLON.

The King of Babylon has appeared in many forms he comes and goes through history. He wears the “cloth” of human kindness, remains “pure” without sin… He prides himself as the “father” in heaven on earth, which is not a position any on earth can fulfill. However, there have been many “fathers” and babies born to the nuns, under this power and control, in places you do not want to see, and places they wish they could hide.

The Universal Church, cannot include the little Jewish baby born in Bethlehem, because it would expose the truth, of WHO CHANGED THE LAW OF GOD, from worship TO THE HEAVENLY FATHER, SON and HOLY SPIRIT, to the worship of “a man.”

Who will be clothed in the ROBE OF CHRIST RIGHTEOUSNESS? Will it be the Pope? Or will he think to change the times and laws of God? Or has the Universal Church, sucked into her isles, those who are already mesmerized by the double tongued snake that brought Eve to eat of the forbidden fruit?

JUSTICE will prevail, and the antichrist, who helped to put JESUS in Jail, tortured and crucified will be revealed.

GOD BLESS AMERICA and may she remain TRUE TO HIM and not a man or woman, we are only human, we need a GOD who allows us to love Him or leave him.

There were three CROSSES the DAY Jesus was crucified. There were two thieves beside Jesus. One would go to heaven the other would go the other way. Which “cross” will you carry to your grave? One, is to know the suffering and lament of sin and not care who he hurts. The second say the suffering of the Saviour while being beaten, and crucified, and that man wanted to be with The Lord, when the Lord receives His Kingdom. I pray today, you want to be with OUR LORD, for HIS KINGDOM IS ON ITS WAY, and GOD says, to LOOK UP, for the KINGDOM OF GOD is at hand.

This land was made for you and me. And beyond our land is THE SKY and THE NIGHT SKY shows us we are not alone. “Who made those stars?” was question Napoleon asked his sailors. Can we stop wondering “who” made the UNIVERSE, and WHO made the BOOK OF LIFE? GOD knew would destroy the EARTH and “NO CLIMATE CHANGE” and remove the work of SATAN….the King of the Destroyers.

I cringe to see how many plastics are needed in covid as if we can suspend more trash….in the waters, sewers, and trash dumps.

We need a NEW EARTH, and standing on the 7 million foot high walls of the NEW JERUSALEM, will be an occasion we will not want to miss! JESUS IS COMING and there is something to do in HUMBLING US ALL, so we can look up and see the FACE OF OUR HERO…JESUS.