End Time Prophecy in Oral Jewish Tradition Can it be men and woman must agree?

Posted 11/12/2014

Unfilled Prophecy of Ellen White: Jewish Oral Tradition the Male and Females must be in agreement over the Law of God.

“When God’s temple in heaven is opened, what a triumphant time that will be for all who have been

This my be only one of three photos of the copy of the Ark of the Covenant made by the TempleInstitute.org. Before the Museum opened visitors to Jerusalem could purchase a photo for a souvenir. Last I knew, The gift shop in the Museum has no photos for sale like this. Nor can you take a photo in the Museum.
This my be only one of three photos of the copy of the Ark of the Covenant made by the TempleInstitute.org. Before the Museum opened,  visitors who come to Jerusalem could purchase this photo for a souvenir. Last I knew, The gift shop in the Museum has no photos for sale like this. Nor can you take a photo in the Museum. You have to go there to see this piece of ART! There may be one very much like it, buried at the Place of the Skull, called Golgotha.

faithful and true! In the temple will be seen the ark of the testament in which were placed the two tables of stone, on which are written God’s law.  These tables of stone will be brought forth from their hiding place, and on them will be seen the Ten Commandments engraved by the finger of God.  These tables of stone now lying in the Ark of the Testament will be a convincing testimony to the truth and binding claims of God’s law.” (Letter 47, 1902)

Trouble on the Temple Mount is building around the Battle between God and not God. The Copy of the Ark of the Covenant made by the Temple Institute Museum was made from Jewish Oral Tradition.

During the First Temple period when the High Priests were chosen by God, men like Zechariah would stay long in the Most Holy trying to bring out what He saw, in the Most Holy Place of the Earthly Presence of God on Earth. The congregation waited for God to forgive their “blood sacrifices” until the end of the year on Yom Kipper/ the Great Day of Atonement.  If the High Priest was worthy to enter the Presence of God, and his “sins” had been forgiven by God. The High Priest would not die. Today, our High Priest is Jesus! He alone is worthy to enter the Most Holy, by His blood sacrifice, that fell on the Mercy Seat . . .on the West Side. (See RonWyatt.com)

Today we are looking at the Mercy Seat, “The covering” over the box, where two cherubs who look down, towards the Promise, the Covenant made with man on Mount Sinai. Known as the Ten Commandments. It must have been a shock for the High Priest, to see and question, why God directed the artist to make a male and female with wings?  When a chose his bride, she was considered his help mate as part of his job. In this case ministry. The woman, married to the High Priest, was also worthy in God’s eyes. Thus the pair, in marriage, the 1/2 man who lost his rib to Eve, made her a 1/2 man….together these parts…make a whole, complete picture of GOD.


“When the trumpets sound at midnight at the end of the Jewish year, on their NEWS YEARS EVE, if  the male and female angels, represented to the High Priest and His Wife, are in agreement, like a man and woman completing the picture of God, then Daniel 12:2 will be fulfilled. “And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt.”

Their seems to be a purpose in God in raising the dead! From Adam and Eve to our day their will be a great surprise!!! Our Creator made the original Adam part man and part woman, ADAM and EVE…who make a complete picture, of God.  However, since their creation and meat entered their diet, they have grown smaller, weaker, and have shorter life spans. Adam and Eve were bigger and better, even giants in size to compared to us today.

Male is like the “Political Man, Justice, and Government.” Female is more like the  “Spiritual side of God like a  Mother Hen.”  Man is hunter/gather/provider. Woman is to procreate the Human Race and train up her child in the ways to love and play kindly with each other and their sisters and brothers. lol

Our Creator made a Covenant, or Promise with Adam and Eve, man and wife,  that those who can “complete” their lives, and learn to hate sin, come to Him, and voluntary understand, by their life experiences, that His Laws and Covenants of Heaven, give us FREEDOM! “We” can choose, if we want Freedom, Freedom of Speech, and Freedom without being slaves but within boundaries He has set, God will grant us Eternal Life!

A Name in Hebrew was not just a way to identify a person; it was a way of revealing their character. God’s identity and character is expressed not in one name, but in many. He likes to protect, heal, love, defend us, by His Almighty Power like a Father, Redeemer, Shepherd, Spirit, Truth, Faithful, Healer, Friend and the list continues! You would like to be His neighbor!  Personally I like to think of God, Jesus as My Angel, with down wings, like a Mother Hen. At night when I crawl under my down “comforter” I am “Under His Wings.”

Maybe this idea of having a husband, who uses his power, to help guide His family, his children, to be just like The Family of God, is like an all inclusive bunch of His Sons and Daughters??? Hold that thought! lol

So, why does it bother me, when “men” act like they “know it all” and “they only” can preach…and some cannot “teach.”  A husband can lay down the law!  But it does take a mother, to help translate “THE LAW” to the children, with a loving touch, with a loving smile, with a LOT OF PATIENCE!…So the father, will not have to discipline the child, if they learn their lesson of how to obey and be happy as helpful child.

Why do male men, want to send us letters, about the “female side” that wants to do it better, for her children, to teach them how to carry out the “the law,” without so much “punishment”?  Sons and daughters can enjoy being…children, then mature, to become happy adults and enjoy their work and have time to play when the work is finished.

Comments by Connie: On a personal level, I’m going to level with you!

Why can’t I, be like the wife of the “Priest”, learning how to be a Help Mate, in my “husbands” Ministry? But what is that husband, a good one at that, who becomes attracted to a younger woman, who likes to run a race track? Must I, his wife then compete, with “that other woman twenty years younger than me”? The one he didn’t marry in the first place?  Why did I lose the race? I felt like I raised 3 sons. One was my husband! He finally grew up and took on a NEW LIFE…that went right back to his crazy home life…where he liked to compete! His joy in life, was a daily joke and competition, in building cars, dragging his car against his dads car, and acting like kids!  My way, my car is better than your way or your car? Let’s take it to the highway!  And the most frustrating part this duo…dad verses his only child and son…was their use of religion, to prove, they could poke fun, spiritual ones,  who to them were “losers.”  Their use of the Lord, in a church, was to “provoke” some to “anger” via a joke. These smart-Alec remarks, were good for laugh or two, but 24/7 negative, joking around, made me begin to feel, as if I was dumb. One of my favorite jokes, he liked for me was: “After eleven years of marriage I asked my wife what grade she got in Home Ec.” I had taken High School in three years, just to get out of public school and into a Christian College, where I could date, Christian boys! Another one was: “My wife can’t have children, because she burns everything.”  Well I did burn a few things, but the day we went off on vacation and I left eggs boiling on the stove…was a real bomb shells…when we got back! But his excuse to not have kids, was that “We can’t afford them.” So, the “goal” was for he and I to work together, until we saved enough money, so we could invest the income off the principal,and $5,000.00/month interest we could live and make money while we slept.

He retired from General Dentistry at the age of 38. A graduate of Loma Linda University, chosen because a college career could help him avoid an army career. He was a business man in every respect. He grew up in a dump, in a throw away world. What they had, did not match. What he owned he did not love. And that mentality of having “nothing to cherish”, or take care of, but a used car with a new paint job, meant to him, nothing in life is worth taking care of….it will soon pass on.

Another of his jokes was, “Everything is for is sale, except the wife.”  And I did wonder if I might not be the perfect wife? Early in our marriage, we were riding on our wheels, his motorcycle, when he was wondering out loud, “I wonder what it would be like to be married to Eve.”  Well that stuck in my craw….being just married, me working, he going to school, me bringing in the pay checks, he pocketing and saving the rest, and he wasn’t satisfied with me HIS EVE…already?  I guess the goose had to wander, and I gather the idea, he wanted a wife, to tell him what to do.  Because I wasn’t that kind of wife. I let him do whatever he wanted to do...because he was going to do it..no matter what I thought ….He was going to be THE BOSS!


His best gift to me, was to give me a son, and another one. His wealth and pride, powered him to have time to chaperone the oldest son to places outside of USA with the Modesto Symphony Youth Orchestra. His eyes landed on a younger mother, chaperoning her daughter. And by batting her eyes, and teasing my husband, the lure and love of French Kisses, he was a goner.

MORE LATER:  The thought for today is about how we try to be completely in agreement with God and the Ten Commandments. (period)  Yes, I did understand how to help my husband achieve HIS GOALS.  I was His Dental Hygienist, His Office Manager, Doing Payroll, Having Christmas Parties, Buying the Trust Deeds for “our” Pension Plan, Consulting the Attorney, Pension Fund Manager, Investors, who laid out our “corporation.” “We” were united in helping him make enough money so  he could afford to give me the gift I truly have loved and always wanted…our two sons!

There were two things I wondered about..in this scenario? 1.) What would happen when I helped him achieve his goals, would “we” then find happiness?  My life experiences, my family, had proven to me, money is not a source of happiness! Family is! I could not see beyond, to the day when his goals were achieved with my help, would he still love me? 2.) His reluctance to be the “priest” and spiritual leader in our family, shocked me!  He had been raised by two parents who had worked together teaching in Seventh Day Adventist Church Schools.  Surely he would love and enjoy the quiet moments of talking and sharing with the boys, about his love for Jesus, at the dinner table, when we skied, when we played, when we boated, .when we camped?  But he was an only child. He didn’t have that sense of music, singing,  fun and laughter like the days my family jeeped the San Juan and hiked the mountains, to explore the old Mining camps, history, myths and pick up rocks that might take a polish, to make something for someone else.

In being a “complete” family, male and female, husband and wife, God’s love coming from the parents to the child, at home and school and play, was something he had not learned. He had not learned to love and play!  And most sadly, he did not learn the sadness and happiness of being in a pecking order…where each child, finds their nitch. I was the second child among four. I was at the bottom of the Totem Pole, according to Alaskan Lore. At my place at the dinner table, I watched my brother score high points for his talent, leadership and sportsmanship. I watched my sister grow into a lovely person with daddy builder her confidence in herself, and helping her by building a greenhouse for her hobby of orchids. Cindy came late enough for us older kids, to have a little sister, like our own child, to love, to bath, to wash her hair, and change what needed to be changed. I got to be mommy and loved it. I wanted our family to be “complete” with those little eyes and minds, open and willing to play…and in watching them learn and grow…was and still is, my greatest joy.

I think this morning, my greatest lost, has been to not be able to complete, the picture of what my relatives, parents, grandparents, great grandmother, and great great grandmother brought to our table, to our lives, to our wholeness as a family! I have learned from the just and unjust, what it feels like to be shunned, rejected and had that been all I knew, there would be no loss! But, I knew what a complete family did, felt, had and when my husband walked away…I knew he had no path to follow…in knowing how a man and wife…in becoming grandparents….mature….and living together could become such a wonderful experience.

Nothing can take away from my childhood and feeling loved and wanted, by my sisters and brothers! Yes, we had fun playing jokes on each other, and mother fostered the talent to have a joke, in good humor. Daddy sang and played along, and Holidays made the family come together as ONE! If there is any regret, it might be that GOD ISN’T FINISHED YET! For if I had my wish, it would be the WHOLE WORLD, would find, God has place for your in HIS FAMILY TOO! And He has a sense of humor!  He know how to play fair and have fun!






   Who is wise, and he shall understand these things?  prudent, and he shall know them? for the ways of the Lord are right, and the just shall walk in them:  but the transgressors shall fall therein. (Hosea 14:9)

He Lives to be the Blood Sacrifice, to take the sins confessed and brought to Him, to place them On the Head of the real Scapegoat ~ Lucifer's Head on the final Day of Atonement on Earth.  To the Jews this Day is known as Yom Kipper. It happens once a year.  This year the Day of Atonement, blots our all sins against God, and all debts! October 4, 2014.  Confessing your sin against God, confirms the Holy Covenant you made on the day of your baptism, to be loyal to His Government on earth, as it is in Heaven.
He Lives to be the Blood Sacrifice, to take the sins confessed and brought to Him, to place them On the Head of the real Scapegoat ~ Lucifer’s Head on the final Day of Atonement on Earth. To the Jews this Day is known as Yom Kipper. It happens once a year. This year the Day of Atonement, blots our all sins against God, and all debts! October 4, 2014. Confessing your sin against God, confirms the Holy Covenant you made on the day of your baptism, to be loyal to His Government on earth, as it is in Heaven.


“The cross speaks to the hosts of heaven, to worlds unfallen, and to the fallen world, the value which God has placed upon men, and of His great love wherewith He has loved us.   It testifies to the world, to angels, and to men, the immutability of the divine law.

“The death of Christ was to be the convincing, everlasting argument that the law of God is as unchangeable as his throne. . . The fact that His own  Son, the Surety for man, was not spared, is an argument that will stand to all eternity before saint and sinner, before the universe of God, to testify that He will not excuse the transgressor of His law.   Every offense against God’s law, however minute, is set down in  the reckoning, and when the sword of justice is taken in hand, it will do the work for impenitent transgressors that was done to the divine Sufferer.

“Through the imputed righteousness of Christ, the sinner may feel that he is pardoned, and may know that the law no more condemns him, because he is in harmony with all its precepts.   It is his privilege to count himself innocent when he reads and thinks of the retribution that will fall upon the unbelieving and sinful.  by faith he lays hold of the righteousness of Christ. . . .Knowing himself to be a sinner, a transgressor of the holy law of God, he looks to the perfect obedience of Christ, to His death upon Calvary for the sins of the world;  and he has the assurance that he is justified by faith in the merit and sacrifice of Christ.   He realizes that the law was obeyed in his behalf by the Son of God, and that the penalty of transgression cannot fall upon the believing sinner with the righteousness that meets the demands of the law.”   Ellen White Quote from Sons and Daughters of God.

Comment by Connie:

Unique to the Jews is the end of the year, forgiveness of God, for all His people! The Day Jesus Our High Priest enters the Most Holy in the Heavenly Sanctuary, to show the scars from His Suffering, to His Father, the Sacrifice of Jesus is enough to set you free from the sins you have confessed. The confession of your faith, and belief in Jesus Christ to be the perfect Sacrifice, ratifies His Law. No man can die for us. The Sacrifice of Jesus, The Cross, brings us to love Him 100% for no man can do what Jesus did for you and me!

October 4, 2014 in Jerusalem, the Day of Atonement, is very humbling to the Jew.  If he has not confessed all his sins, and he has knowingly broken the Law, he will receive the curse for the New Year. This New Year, that begins at midnight ushers in the Most Blessed Year of Jubilee!  It only occurs every 70 years. It brings forgiveness of debts!  It is a Holy Year, when God provides for the sinner, to receive his land back, that he had lost. October 5, 2014 begins the Year of Jubilee, for the Jew, who have found their Messiah, in the New Testament.

The Old Testament prophets were poets, pointing to the symbols in the Sanctuary,  the horns, the Table of Showbread, the Candlesticks, the Altar of Incense, the Veil, the Ark of the Testimony of God, the male and female angel on the Mercy Seat, the coverings over the Sanctuary, the veils around the Sanctuary, the pillars that held up the Tent of the Meeting, the basin of water, the Altar of Burnt Offering, the colors woven into the tapestries, the garments worn by the Priests, and the most humble garment, the plain linen cloth, worn by the High Priest on the Day of Atonement, all bring to light to, the True Prophet, The Baby, The Chief of Prince, The name of Jesus before He became known as Jesus, is Michael the Archangel, in charge of all the angels.

Around the Throne of God, each beast, represents the character of God, the lion, the eagle, the ox, the horns of power to protect and defend the ones who call themselves, Christ followers. And one like the Son of man, or the Daughter of man, are the instruments of God, following His Holy Spirit, to bring THE WAY, into His Heavenly Sanctuary, to show respect and dignity for The Creator.

Can your God speak a word, and create the earth in six days, and hallow the seventh, as a Day of Rest, to enjoy you, with Him, at His House, on earth as it is in Heaven? Does Jesus know you so well, that He could do your colors, in precious stones, and call you His Jewel? Can He make the Mansion of your dreams come true? How well does your Saviour know you? How well do you know your Jesus, a Jew? Is He fair and just in taking you where you need to go, to know Him better?

The Jews need to read the New Testament to find Jesus is their Messiah!  The Gentile world needs to read the Old Testament to find the symbols, from Creation, that includes the anger of Lucifer, stomping his feet, as God created the World to be the Garden of Eden. Lucifer would have to destroy the beauty of the land, in order to build his City of Babylon, on the sand. And man, the created being, like Lucifer, would see death would prevent a man from becoming God. 

There is something Satan cannot do!  He cannot take you back to heaven!  He may create a likeness of someone who has died, to come back and haunt you, but the devil cannot take you to Heaven. His last attempt to deceive the very elect, is to heal, the sickness, he has caused you to have. But healing is not a sign of salvation!  Salvation is a gift purchased by the Son of God, Michael the Archangel, fought with Lucifer in heaven and lost. Michael fought with Lucifer at the cross, and Lucifer was behind the men who killed Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and tempted Jesus to sin. Do not do what Lucifer

did, and find yourself, murdering an innocent child of God. Jesus and Bible


Saved by the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ
Saved by the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ

“The blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanses us from all sin.” I John 1:7 Some speak of the Jewish age as a Christ-less period, without mercy or grace.  To such are applicable the words of Christ to the Sadducees, “Ye know not the Scriptures, neither the power of God.”  The period of the Jewish economy was on of wonderful manifestations of divine power.  So glorious was the revealing of His presence that it could not be borne by mortal man.  Moses, who was so highly favored of God, exclaimed, “I do exceedingly fear and quake.”  But God strengthened him to endure this excellent glory, and to bring from the mount a reflection of it upon his face so that the people could not look steadfastly upon it. . . .

The very system of sacrifices was devised by Christ, and given to Adam as typifying a Saviour to come, who would bear the sins of the world, and die for its redemption.  Through Moses, Christ gave definite directions to the children of Israel in regard to the sacrificial offerings. . . .Only clean and precious animals, those which would best symbolize Christ, were accepted as offerings to God. . . .

The Israelites were forbidden to eat the fat or the blood. . . .This law not only related to beasts for sacrifice, but to all cattle which were used for food.   This law was to impress upon them the important fact that it here had been no sin there would have been no shedding of blood. . . .

The blood of the Son of God was symbolized by the blood of the slain victim, and God would have clear and definite ideas preserved between the sacred and the common.  Blood was sacred, inasmuch as through the shedding of the blood of the Son of God alone could there be atonement for sin.  Blood was also used to cleanse the sanctuary from the sins of the people, thus typifying the blood of Christ which alone can cleanse from sin.

The Jews became calloused to slaying lambs, they substituted sick ones, they made a mockery of Jesus, the pure Lamb of God. They lost sight of the Garden of Eden, where no one, no animal  plant or flower died. Don’t expect to eat God’s pets in Heaven.  There will be no slaying of animals, humans, angels or beasts. What will we read on “Wall Street Journal” in Heaven?  Crisis! Will the peace be kept or broken?  Could we exist without conflict? hummm Or does Lucifer play a silent part behind the scenes on earth, that makes earth,  no Garden of Eden? Before sin entered, this planet, we got a glimpse of what perfect might look like. It’s been down hill for our precious earth, animals and habitat. There is no turning back, without divine intervention, and God seems willing to do the makeover, if we ask Gods Hand to stop Lucifer from bleeding His Sheep of His Pasture! Pray for the God of Mount Sinai to stand up and be recognized as the Good Shepherd, over the evil shepherd, Lucifer!

ELLEN WHITE QUOTES, with comments by Connie