When in doubt blame God or His Disicples? How did Peter fit in?

  “So when they had dined, (a rare word for a fish fry on the beach) Jesus saith to Simon Peter, Simon, son of Jonas, lovest thou me more than these? He saith unto him, Yea, Lord; thou knowest that I love thee. He saith unto him, Feed my lambs.” (John 21:15)

Peter's expression has that question if he will be accepted by God. But someday, we might see Jesus laughing, when Peter points and Jesus  and claims. "You set me up!  You asked if I brought the knife!" You knew I would use it!
Peter’s expression has that question if he will be accepted by God. But someday, we might see Jesus laughing, when Peter points at Jesus and claims. “You set me up! You asked if I brought the knife!” You knew I would use it!  Peter has that, “Who me?” expression. Can you use me to feed your lambs? I really messed up, remember me, Peter?

Many wish to escape the intricate tangle of life’s demands that enmeshed them, which in our present condition we are unable to unravel. When a holy man shows up, fingers point the blame at God. When in our hearts there is a desire to make sense of chaos. There seems to be a disconnect from man to His Higher Power. Yet we feel an innate ability within ourselves to become a better person.

When I was  child, my dad came home and said to the family at the dinner table, “I suppose you are going to blame me for genes.” But to us, our dad wearing jeans and the play on words made us laugh. Do you have your mom and dad’s genes, or do you have something more, something better within you, that wants to get out?

Our friend the dentist had a punching bag hanging from his garage. He had to let something out, to pound away, to get exercise in some positive way. Why this restlessness? Truly it seems to be in our genes. We need exercise, yes but what is this something more we crave?

But what if this chaos is just what I need?  Confusion, babel, words but no life, a kind of temporary joy, with no long term relationship?  And I go to the church, to the synagogue, to the Mosque and find there is always some one their ready to voice their opinion about who is to blame. Truly good people, having a way to fix the tranquility that went away when a new cog is trying to work its way into the gears of our minds, to find a place to put, that little stubborn gear, that seems to have a mind of its own.

Meshing together, mingling together, requires a family. And the Manager of the Denver Post Printing Press, had to merge the men into thinking each one he hired was essential to the rest of the operation. He said, “Blessed is the man who goes around in circles for he shall be called . . . The Big Wheel. With a philosopher for a dad, a manager of men at work, He came home and night and took off his managing hat. He threw his cap down and when Mom said, “Dinner’s ready,” Moolie, our nickname for our dad, “Sat down.”

It doesn’t take much to tire of wrangling cows, sheep and goats to figure out each one has certain personality, and its best to know which one is going to butt you when you turn your back. There is always some playful goat, looking for a chance to push something around. And when your kids, it’s just “natural” to push back. But in our family, these romps and games were measured by how we made sure no one would get hurt when we play. Playing was fun and the oldest taught the younger, that we want to make sure, we don’t intentionally step on someone when we wrestle.

So what took the fun out of a rumble? What turned a  game into war? What made men want something more, so they came out to destroy instead of  enjoying the game?  I like baseball, because their is an umpire. And you can disagree with a call, but sometimes in life, we might no like to hear The Call. That’s Life! That makes us part of the human race, 666, not quite God. But a game or playing without rules is total confusion!

And here is the possibility that we have to figure out, if I, Connie, personally like myself enough, to not want to rock the boat? Someone might fall out, and get hurt. Or, am I like Peter, the guy who saw Jesus did it, walking on water, and I wonder if I can too?  Dare I get out of the boat?  Dare I speak my mind and find, you pointing at me and stoning a disciple, wanting to know if I can. . .be accepted into the Family of God?

Where do we fit in our universe? When we meet, eat and play together, will I fit in? Or will my words turn you away from our friendship? And you fear to know the 5’3″ old lady whose more interested in having fun within boundaries that giving up on JOY!

There is an old lady in our church, who seems to go to bed thinking up what she can do, to tease the kids, the adults, and keep everyone wondering what’s she gonna do next? We used to say, “Spice up your life.” And my life has been well spiced!  It just takes one or two goof balls to make life, spiced up, with a snicker, as they laugh at their selves, riding down the bannister of Life!

I think that’s why wearing a Red Hat and being silly is essential to my Life. Being a grown up old lady with red shoes and purple scarf, isn’t about drawing attention to myself, but seeing the smile on your face, knowing you like to see someone having Fun!

The silent killer is staking out your house, wanting you to fear, imaging something evil, about to pounce! Behind ever negative thought, is a demon who tries to freeze your thoughts and make a play on WORDS, that God cannot save you.

However, Jesus gave us the gifts of His Holy Spirit, because of His love for all mankind, the day He died, Jesus seeing you, and wanting to have you beside Him, in Heaven. A safe place to play, to dive into a pool, that is cool, clear and friendly. A bear that won’t hurt you. A flower that won’t die. Friends who won’t lie about what a great friend we have in Jesus.