Christ Was Misunderstood and Often Stood Alone

Jesus understands what is means to feel alone!

“I have trodden the winepress alone; and of the people there was none with me.” Isaiah 63:3

The idea of treading a wine press, without friends, without help, is a lonely job. . . in the days of Isaiah. . . the prophet. . . who likely knew where the wine press was located in the Garden Tomb, in Jerusalem, called Jeremiah’s Grotto…where the grapes vines grew.

“I have trodden the winepress alone; and of the people there was none with me.” Isaiah 63:3

“What a support Christ would have found in His earthly relatives if they had believed in Him as one from heaven, and had co-operated with Him in doing the work of God! Their unbelief cast a shadow over the earthly life of Jesus. It was part of the bitterness of that cup of woe which He drained for us. . . . With their short measuring line they could not fathom the mission which He came to fulfill, and therefore could not sympathize with Him in His trials. Their coarse, unappreciative words showed that they had no true perception of His character, and did not discern that the divine blended with the human. They often saw Him full of grief; but instead of comforting Him, their spirit and words only wounded His heart. . . .

“These things made His path a thorny one to travel. So pained was Christ by the misapprehension in His own home, may find comfort in the thought that Jesus has endured the same. He is moved with compassion for them. He bids them find companionship in Him, and relief where He found it, in communion with The Father. Those who accept Christ as their personal Saviour are not left as orphans to bear the trials of life alone. He receives them as members of the heavenly family; He bids them call His Father their Father. They are His “little ones,” dear to the heart of God, bound to Him by the most tender and abiding ties. He has toward them an exceeding tenderness, as far surpassing what our father or mother has felt toward us in our helplessness as the divine is above the human.”

Sons and Daughters of God, by Ellen White.