These Lessons We Must Also Learn. . . . Purity

Reminds me of the days we freely scooped up water from The Rock Mountain streams, while jeeping with the family! Sad to say, the high mountain snow shed wwater is not pure any more. by Samad Deldar on


“He shall deliver the island of the innocent; and it is delivered by the pureness of thine hand Job 22:30

“He who deservedly bears the name of Christian, which signifies Christlike, will be filled with piety and purity, with love and reverence for God and Jesus Christ whom He hath sent; and his spirit, his words, his actions, will all bear the impress of Heaven. Others will see that he has been with Jesus and learned of Him. His prayers will be simple and fervent, and will ascend to God on the wings of faith. Learning in the school of Christ, he will have a humble opinion of himself; and though he may be poor in this world’s goods, he may be rich in the graces of God’s Spirit, and may bless and enrich others by his spirit and influence, because Christ is in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life. He will shed about him an atmosphere of hope and courage and strength, and will put to shame those who are of the world, selfish, formal professors, who have a name to live and are dead.

“The precious faith inspired of God imparts strength and nobility of character. As His goodness, His mercy, and His love are dwelt upon, clearer and still clearer will be the perception of truth; higher, holier, the desire for purity of heart and clearness of thought. The soul dwelling in the pure atmosphere of holy thought is transformed by intercourse with God through the study of His Word. Truth is so large, so far-reaching, so deep, so broad, that self is lost sight of. The Heart is softened, and subdued into humility, kindess, and love. . . . Being pure-minded, they will become strong-minded.

“Purity of heart and loveliness of spirit are more precious than gold, both for time and for eternity. Only the pure in heart shall see God.”

Sons and Daughters of God, by Ellen White, p. 85, for March 19, 2023

There is another farmers story about a cow that gave birth to twins. She took care of one, but the other was freezing to death. The family of four, a mom and dad, girl and boy, took the little calf into their arms, and warmed the little cold calf to life. The rubbed the little cold calf, until it started to move, and placed him in a warm place. . . . but today I saw the little calf, following Tim around the yard, as if he were his mother.

The man who owned the cow, saw he would have lost the one calf, so he gave the calf to the man who saved his life. And now Tim has a constant companion, following him around like a little lamb, follows her mother.

When I see the humble respect, love and kindness of farmers toward their animals, I wish everyone could understand, those who are farmers, have a special love and devotion to their livestock. . . that passes over to their lives. . . . and kindness to others.

Few eating meat, cannot realize the dangers of losing calfs, during a cold winter, or the menace of coyotes seeking a free meal. The heart of The Shepherd, Jesus Christ, calls His sheep, to be safe within the boundaries of His care.

To Jesus Christ, no man or woman or child is “an island”, but a soul who desires to be lead to The Good Shepherd for healing and help in the time of trouble. Never fear to pray or say to Him, I wish for you to help me through. . .whatever I need, to love you more!

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