Ordaining Your Shark! Choosing your Mother Hen! Praying for Your Friend and enemy!


Jonah was the prophet who went against God’s will.  He ran away, went on a ship, and was thrown over board.   In the original Hebrew, it says, “The Lord ordained a a great fish.”   This wasn’t just your average fish This was seminary material.  The fish had never been to Bible College.   Nevertheless, it was ordained.   Having an ordained shark is a good think – when a shark ministers, you listen!   God has ordained sharks, not just in Jonah’s life, but in yours, too.   There are many sharks in your life – problems that look like they’re going to swallow you up.  Yet the shark was ordained.  It swallowed Jonah, but it was used to bring him back to God’s will.   The shark was ordained to minister to Jonah.   So in you life problems are really ordained fish.   God promises that he will work all things for good, so what looks like a problem is ordained to minister to you and bring strength, joy,  faith, patience, growth and new beginnings. There is no law against joy, faith, patience, growth! Don’t fear the problem.   It’s an ordained shark fresh from seminary sent with a mission to be your minister.

Face up to that problem or that fear you’ve been running from.    Look at it in a new way – it’s not against you – but in God, it’s an ordained fish – to be used for you blessing!  Romans 5:3-5.

There are ordained sharks, there must be ordained men and women of God, who know they have a duty to reprove, encourage and strengthen our FAITH, that Jesus paid the price for our FREEDOM!

I have a friend, who has died 3 times, this week. She was found dead, by her daughter. She called me last night. I said, “May I pray for you?”  “Why do you think I called you?” Vera said!

Have you ever met someone who is sick, isolated, in pain mentally, socially, spiritually or physicaly who would turn down your efforts to comfort them?

Better yet, when you say, “May I pray for you?” Your friend fires back . . .”Why do you think I called you?’  The devil would want you to think, he came between you and God. But Job, would not curse God, “Thou he slay me.”  God cannot destroy Lucifer and his Angels without YOUR PERMISSION. . . Is it perfectly clear, Lucifer and His angels, would incite us to crucify Jesus Christ again?

Lucifer has an anti JESUS CHRIST campaign on. He seeks to undermine Jesus, who has paid the price for your FREEDOM, to chose between, Michael or Lucifer for your friend. What will you do with Jesus?

Me?  I can’t fight supernatural evil angels!  I’m hiding under HIS WINGS…that GREAT COMFORTING HEN, who watches out for Her chicks! She hides them in her wings. They have found the charred body of a mother hen after a fire and watched her baby chicks creep out to live!

Now we have two stories, the ordained fish and ordained Mother Hens who wish to COMFORT His Children, His Sons and Daughters of God!

Last week I was in the hospital with Shingles that invaded the bones in my head, along with a ruptured ear drum.  I holding my head like Job, and saying, “I will never deny my Christ! I will never curse the Lord!” I felt I was fighting Lucifer head on! Then in this discouragement I felt a peace. I picked up the hospital phone and said, “Are you praying for me?” Christa answered and said, “Yes and we can pray for you again.” I was amazed!  What if we tell our doctors and nurses to STOP PRAYING FOR THEIR PATIENTS?

Today: The woman who brought me home from the hospital, is in the hospital now. She was found dead by her daughter. She was calling me. “May I pray for you?” I said, “Why do you think I called you?” Vera said in her feisty voice with her usual teasing!  When I was in isolation, sick and feeling very lonely, I wanted someone to say, “May I pray for you?”

Where ever two or more are gathered in My Name, I HEAR AND ANSWER PRAYERS!

Why do you THINK….GOD CALLED YOU…to pray for your friends?

“May I pray for you?” Those five words are NOT HARD TO ASK!

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